June 19th, 2020

the blood of the cross has made peace

It is 11:59 AM Friday morning. It will soon be 12 o'clock PM Noon. Time keeps flying by like a vampire bat.

Outside this afternoon (it is now 12 o'clock PM Noon) it is hot so we have the central air system going full steam. It is a blessing to live in an air conditioned cage. I am having a normal day during this world wide COVID-19 plague. People are still dying by the thousands, but here in America business as usual. The policy of our Government is to keep the Military Industrial Complex running. The world needs America's weapons of destruction, so do not close down production because of this deadly plague.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. I got up sat in our dining room seeking to wake up. Carol was already up having breakfast. So I woke up made a fresh pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I had breakfast and wrote in my paper diary.

After writing in my diary I read from a book titled, 'The Wonderful Works of God' by Herman Bavinck. Carol worked outside cleaning our garage while I read Bavinck. I did leave the house around 10 o'clock AM to check out our local Goodwill thrift store to see if they had used books for sale. I went to Goodwill, but once again I noticed they are not putting out any new used books. It seems all the thrift stores have stopped restocking their shelves with donated used books. Weird.

So the day goes by. I will close to write and read from a book titled, 'The Holy Trinity In The Life Of The Church' Edited By Khaled Anatolios.

Last night I read 'Reformed Ethics: Created, Fallen, And Converted Humanity' Volume One by Herman Bavinck' late into the night. I should read soon Herman Bavinck's four volume Reformed Dogmatics.

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A Man Above Harm, Freedom that Enslaves, and the Power of Phroneo

A Man Above Harm, Freedom that Enslaves, and the Power of Phroneo

“Let this mind be in you …” (Phil. 2:5).

Mind, in the above instance in the Greek, phroneo. When applied to the Christian life it means, basically, to have understanding, to be wise. To think as to think soberly. It is in some sense a governing principle. One’s phroneo will indicate one’s state.

Phroneo can become corrupted and perverted.

St. Paul says in Romans, “For they that are after the flesh do mind [phroneo] the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit” (8:5).

The mind will govern the orientation, the trajectory, to goals of a person’s life, “Set your mind [phroneo] on things above, not on things on the earth” (Col. 3:2).

When the mind is controlled by the world, that which is created to be a life-giving force becomes a destructive one. “Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind [phroneo] earthly things” (Phil. 3:19).

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Bob Dylan - Key West (Philosopher Pirate) (Official Audio)

Death is on the wall
‪Say it to me, if you got something to confess
‪I heard all about it, he was going down slow ‬
‪I heard it all, wireless radio ‬
‪From down in the moon dogs way down in Key West ‬

‪I’m searching for love, for inspiration ‬
‪On that pirate radio station
‪Coming out of Luxembourg and Budapest ‬
‪Radio signal’s clear as can be
‪I’m so deep in love that I can hardly see ‬
‪Down on the flat lands, way down in Key West

‪Key West is the place to be ‬
‪If you’re looking for immortality ‬
‪Stay on the road, follow the highway sign ‬
‪Key West is fine and fair, ‬
‪If you lost your mind, you will find it there
‪Key West is on the horizon line

‪I was born on the wrong side of the railroad track
‪Like Ginsberg, Corso and Kerouac
‪Like Louis, and Jimmy and Buddy and all the rest ‬
‪Well, it might not be the thing to do ‬
‪But I’m sticking with you through and through ‬
‪Down in the flat lands, way down in Key West

‪I got both of my feet planted square on the ground ‬
‪Got my right hand high, with the thumb down ‬
‪Such is life, such is happiness
‪Hibiscus flowers, they grow everywhere here
‪If you wear one, put it behind your ear
‪Down in the bottom, way down in Key West ‬

‪Key West is the place to go
‪Down by the Gulf of Mexico ‬
‪Beyond the city, beyond the sifting sands
‪Key West is the gateway key ‬
‪to innocence and purity ‬
‪Key West, Key West is the enchanted land

‪I’ve never lived in the land of Oz ‬
‪Or wasted my time with an unworthy cause ‬
‪It’s hot down here, and you can’t be overdressed
‪China blossoms of a toxic plant ‬
‪They can make you dizzy, like a [...] can
‪Down in the flat lands way down in Key West ‬

‪Well the fish tail ponds, and the orchid trees
‪They can give you that bleeding heart disease
‪People tell me I ought to try a little tenderness ‬
‪On Newton Street, Bay view Park ‬
‪Walking in the shadow after dark ‬
‪Down under, way down in Key West ‬

‪I played gumbo in (....) spirituals
‪I know all the Hindu rituals ‬
‪People tell me that I’m truly blessed ‬
Bougainvillea blooming in the summer, in the spring
Winter here is an unknown thing
Down in the flat lands, way down in Key West

Key West is under the sun, under the radar, under the gun
You stay to the left, and then you lean to the right
Feel the sunlight on your skin, the healing virtues of the wind
Key West, Key West is the land of light

Wherever I travel, wherever I roam
I’m not that far, before I come back home
I do what I think is right, what I think is best
History street off off Mallory Square
Truman had his White House there
East bound, west bound, way down in Key West

Twelve years old, they put me in a suit
Forced me to marry a prostitute
There were gold fringes on her wedding dress
That’s my story, but not where it ends
She’s still cute, and we’re still friends
Down on the bottom, way down in Key West

I play both sides against the middle
Trying to pick up the pirate radio signal
I heard the news, the heard it last week friends
Fly around my pretty little Miss
I don’t love nobody, give me a kiss
Down on the bottom, way down in Key West

Key West is the place to be
If you’re looking for immortality
Key West is paradise divine
Key West is fine and fair
If you lost your mind, you’ll find it there
Key West is on the horizon line
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Friday Reads

Friday Reads

'The Club: Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped an Age' biography by Leo Damrosch

'The Life of Samuel Johnson' biography by James Boswell

'Boswell's Presumptuous Task: The Making of the Life of Dr. Jonson' By Adam Sisman

'Dr. Johnson and Mr. Savage' biography by Richard Holmes

'Main Currents in American Thought: The Romantic Revolution in America, 1800-1860' Volume II by Vernon Louis Parrington

'Main Currents in American Thoughts: The Beginnings of Critical Realism in America, 1860-1920' Volume III By Vernon Louis Parrington

'V. L. Parrington Through the Avenue of Art' biography by H. Lark Hall

'Reformed Ethics: Created, Fallen. And Converted Humanity' Volume One by Herman Bavinck

'The Wonderful Works Of God: Instruction in the Christian Religion according to the Reformed Confession' by Herman Bavinck
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