December 26th, 2019

the new aesthetic of naturalism

It is 12:04 PM Thursday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is another warm dry late December day. It is sure weird weather, but I will take it since it is better than snow and ice kind of weather.

I got up this morning around 7:20 AM. Carol had gotten up around 4 o'clock AM this morning. Carol goes to bed early and gets up early. I think she likes the early morning hours, because it is quiet. So I got up and immediately got dressed and took Ollie for his morning walk. When I got back from our walk I wrote in my paper diary and read. I basically read all morning and now it is Noontime in the death flow.

I read this morning from a book titled, 'Pages From The Goncourt Journals' by Edmond And Jules De Goncourt. I did leave the house late this morning to take a bunch of old newspapers to be recycled. While out I stopped at a local thrift store to look at their used books. I bought these used books this morning-

'The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana' a novel by Umberto Eco Translated from the Italian by Geoffrey Brock

'Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective'

'The Shepherd's Life: Modern Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape' memoir by James Rebanks

'Whatever Happened To the Reformation?' Edited by Gary L.W. Johnson & R. Fowler White

'English Spirituality In The Age Of Wesley' Edited by David Lyle Jeffrey

So Times has gone by. I have no plans for the rest of this day. I will close to feel wasted.
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