December 5th, 2019

to be illumined passively without active effort

It is 1:44 PM Thursday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a cold gray cloudy day. It is not raining or snowing, which is nice. I like dry days this time of the year.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. When I got up I found Carol up sitting in the living room messing with her cell phone. Once again she got up around 4 o'clock AM. Last night she went to bed around 8 o'clock PM. I stayed up till 10 o'clock PM reading a novel titled, 'Warlight' by Michael Ondaatje.

This morning I made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast and a fresh pot of coffee. I messed with our main computer after breakfast and then wrote in my paper diary. After writing in my paper diary I read 'The Ascent of Mount Carmel' by St John of the Cross and filmed a video for my Youtube channel.

Caleb called asking if I could drive him to a car rental place after dropping off Ollie. I said Sure, so around Noon Caleb came with Ollie and I drove Caleb to a car rental place. After dropping off Caleb I visited a thrift store and the way home. I found these used books today to add to our library-

'Dirt Music' A Novel by Tim Winton

'A Ship Made of Paper' A Novel by Scott Spencer

'From Time To Time' Historical Fiction by Jack Finney

When I got home I found Carol home from her errands and visiting an elderly couple in Grand Haven. So has gone by existence thus far.

I suppose I will close to drift. Carol is about to take Ollie for his afternoon walk.
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