May 4th, 2019

the age of information overload

It is in the death flow 1:13 PM Saturday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a sunny day in the Wasteland. It is somewhat warm outside today.

I just got back from visiting local thrift stores in search of used books to ADD to our family library. I found these used books this morning-

'Drood' a novel by Dan Simmons

'Invisible Monsters' a novel by Chuck Palahniuk

'The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload' non-fiction by Daniel J. Levitin

'The Pencil: A History Of Design And Circumstance' by Henry Petroski

Before I left our hermit hut I read 'Romans 1-8' Reformation Commentary On Scripture. Caleb borrowed our car this morning to go grocery shopping. Emily and the girls won't be back till this coming Monday and Caleb wanted to get the week grocery shopping done. Caleb left Ollie their new puppy with me. Ollie cried a little after Caleb left but soon settled down. I had to watch Ollie constantly because he wanted to chew on everything.

So the day crawls by. Last night I made a video for my Youtube channel and read late into the night from a book titled, 'Only Americans Burn In Hell' a satire by Jarett Kobek. I also read other books yesterday, but I am not in the proper mood to list them. Plus who really cares what I read as I wait to go to Heaven?

Carol worked last night I got home this morning around 8:30 AM and soon went to bed for the day. She works the next couple of nights. Well I will close to drift. I am tired as usual. Life is hard work especially when you get my age.

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Andrew Ferguson on Identity Politics and American Culture

The Atlantic Staff Writer shares his perspective on the state of American culture. Click "Show more" to view all chapters. For more conversations, visit
Chapter 1 (0:15 - 29:14): Identity Politics and American Culture
Chapter 2 (29:14 - 51:38): The Decline of the Academy
What is “identity politics”? How has it changed American culture? What are its political ramifications? In this Conversation, the author and Atlantic Staff Writer Andrew Ferguson shares his perspective on identity politics and the condition of American culture today. Ferguson argues that the weakening of civic education in America created a void that identity politics has filled. Instead of attempting to think for themselves, many of our best and brightest students are attracted to championing identity groups (e.g. on the basis of race, gender, or class). According to Ferguson, this has made our civic life more contentious and has weakened our culture and institutions. Kristol and Ferguson also discuss the effects of identity politics in higher education—and consider alternative ways of fostering civic and liberal education.
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Jonah Goldberg on Nationalism, Populism, and Identity Politics

The National Review senior editor on nationalism, populism, and identity politics in America. Click "Show more" to view chapters. For more conversations, visit http://www.conversationswithbillkrist...
Chapter 1 (00:15 - 38:16): Nationalism and Identity Politics
Chapter 2 (38:16 - 1:19:53): Defending Western Civ
Jonah Goldberg is a senior editor of National Review and Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute. Drawing on his new book Suicide of the West, Goldberg argues that strong tendencies in contemporary American culture—including tribalism, populism, nationalism, and identity politics—are increasingly undermining the moral and political foundations of America. In discussing these phenomena, Kristol and Goldberg also consider why it is important for young people to study the American political tradition and appreciate what is best in Western civilization.
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