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April 11th, 2019 
It is 1:05 PM Thursday afternoon in the flow of existence. I can hear the wind howling as I write these words. It is a cold, gray, and windy day here in West Michigan. A good day to close ones eyes and listen to the wind blow. I am falling asleep as I seek to write some words. I better hurry up and get a diary post completed before the final trumpet blows.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. Carol stayed in bed when I got up this morning. So I got up made a fresh pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. Carol got up and I then made oatmeal for breakfast.

Emily dropped off Josie Joy off this morning on her way to work. Josie was feeling sick and was not up to spending all day at a Day Care Center, so she stayed with us. Carol and Josie just left to do stuff.

This morning I wandered the house and read 'Moral Reflections on the Book of Job' by Gregory the Great Volume 5 Books 23-27.

During the late and early afternoon hours I have been seeking to read, 'Notebooks 1936-1947' Victor Serge. So has gone by existence. Not much else to report. I plan to do nothing today but wait it out. Tomorrow is a Friday. World history is zooming by!

I am too tired to write down what happened last night. I did make a video while Carol was at a Woman's Bible Study last night. I got to close before I pass out.
"VI.10. And he will see his face with jubilation. We heard above how God influences us by becoming known to us, but now we are told how he cheers us up while making himself known to us. When we suffer compunction we look inward, and we are seized with fear because of the evil we have done: that is one way. The other way is that when looking heavenward with joy we are confirmed by a kind of hope and security. The former compunction influences us and saddens us, the latter moves us to tears of joy. We us the word jubilation when an unspeakable joy takes hold of the mind, joy that can neither be hidden nor be aroused by words. Nevertheless it is produced by certain emotions, although it expresses no discernible meaning.

So the prophet David, knowing that the souls of the elect conceive joy in their minds, a joy that they cannot express in words, said, Blessed are the people who know the joyful shout. He did not say "who speaks," but who know, because jubilation can certainly be known intellectually, but it cannot be expressed in words. That which is above the senses is nevertheless sensed by jubilation. When the consciousness of the one who senses is hardly capable of contemplating what is above the senses, how could the tongue of a speaker manage to express it? When accordingly the light of truth inserts itself into our hearts, sometimes it delights us by opening up interior joys, so that after bitter temptations and after sad trials, Elihu rightly adds, And he will see his face with jubilation. Gregory the Great pg. 74 'Moral Reflections on the Book of Job' by Gregory the Great Volume 5 Books 23-27.
"11. Our mind is first set on fire by the flame of distress on the consideration of our blindness, so that all the rust of bad habits may be burned up; once the eyes of our hearts are purified, the joy of the heavenly country is made known to us, so that we have been cleansed by weeping over what we have done, we may later more freely contemplate the object of our search through joy. First the darkness of evil is wiped away from our mind's eye by the insertion of burning distress, and then it is suddenly illuminated by a resplendent crown of unending light. After we have seen this light in some way, the mind is engulfed by a certain joyful security, and as if it were at the end of the present life, it is snatched away on high and recreated in some way as something new. There the mind is sprinkled by heavenly dew running out from a immense fountain, and there it realizes that it is incapable of receiving that rapture; sensing the truth, it knows that it does not see the full extent of that truth; it supposes that the nearer it draws to that great truth; the nearer it draws to that great truth, the further away it is from it, because unless it perceived it in some way, it would never sense that it could not perceive it." Gregory the Great pg. 75 'Moral Reflections on the Book of Job' by Gregory the Great Volume 5 Books 23-27.
"12. The soul's exertions, therefore, by which it attempts to reach that light, are beaten back by the immense corona that surrounds it. In fact that reality fills all things and surrounds all things; that is why our mind never quite manages to reach the unbounded source that surrounds everything: the incapacity of its resources limits the soul. So it falls back all the sooner into itself, having glanced as it were at certain indications of truth, and it is drawn back into its own lowliness. This vision itself was created through contemplation and was neither complete nor lasting; no, it was so to speak a kind of a copy of a vision called God's face. Since, then, we recognize a person by his or her face, it is not unreasonable to call the knowledge of God his face." Gregory the Great pg. 75 'Moral Reflections on the Book of Job' by Gregory the Great Volume 5 Books 23-27
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