March 30th, 2019

The Short Story Tag

The Short Story Tag on Booktube


1. Do you read and write short stories or just read short stories? I read short stories and have never written any.

2. What is your favorite short story? one of my favorite short stories was written by Alice Munro titled 'The Floating Bridge' in her short story collection titled, 'Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage' Stories.

3. What is your favorite short story collection? I can not off the top of my head select one volume of short stories by an author that I would consider to be my favorite. But I will list some writers who write short stories that I have recently read and list the books-

'The Complete Stories' Clarice Lispector

'The Stories (So Far) Of Deborah Eisenberg'

'My Father's Tears and other Stories' by John Updike

'Him With His Foot In His Mouth And Other Stories' by Saul Bellow

'Greasy Lake & Other Stories' by T. Coraghessan Boyle

'Park City: New and Selected Stories' by Ann Beattie

'American Savage' Stories by Bonnie Jo Campbell

'The Collected Stories Of Machado De Assis' Translated By Margaret Jull Costa And Robin Patterson Foreword By Michael Wood

'Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories' by Alice Munro

'Stories In An Classical Mode' by Harold Brodkey

4. Who are some of your favorite short story writers? John Updike, T.C. Boyle, Deborah Eisenberg, Alice Munro and Saul Bellow

5. Do you like a particular outlet for finding short stories? Individual author collections? Anthologies? Magazines?

I like one volume short story collections by individual writer for example J.G. Ballard 'The Complete Stories of J.G. Ballard' Introduction By Martin Amis or 'Stories In An Classical Mode' by Harold Brodkey

6. How short do you like your short stories? For me a short story can be a couple of pages or more.

7. What do you feel makes a good short story? To me what makes a good short story is how the writer ends the story.

8. Which short story writers do you want to read more or want to begin reading? H. L. Lovecraft Tales and Philip H. Dick stories

9. Who do you tag?
Marian Ryan
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the life of the triune God manifested especially in the death and resurrection of Jesus

It is 1:48 PM Saturday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is a cold gray day. Where did the sunshine go?

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. When I got up I made a pot of coffee and messed with our main computer. When Carol got up around 8 o'clock AM I made for breakfast a pot of oatmeal. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and read from a book titled, 'Preaching Romans: Four Perspectives' Scot McKnight & Joseph B. Modica, editors.

I made a video this morning for my Youtube channel.

Late this morning Carol and I left the house to take the old Dodge van through a car wash and to vacuumed it out. After cleaning the van we did errands. While out doing errands we visited two thrift stores to look for used books to add to our library. We found these used books this morning-

'On Of Laying Hands: The Stories' by Alan Bennett

'Preparation For the Next Life' a novel by Atticus Lish

'The Last Bookaneer' A novel by Matthew Pearl

When Carol and I got home from running around I ate some food and then left to visit a near by thrift store to look at their selection of used books and bought these old paperbacks-

'The Charterhouse Of Parma' a novel by Stendhal A New Translation By M.R.B. Shaw

'The Woman In White' a novel by Wilkie Collins

'Lewis Percy' a novel by Anita Brookner

'Sunflower' a novel by Rebecca West

When I got home from visiting this near by thrift store I cataloged my recent used books haul into my LibraryThing site and then wrote some in my paper diary. Carol left to do errands and I am now writing in my online diaries. Existence keeps decaying full speed.

I will close to wait for it to happen. I should mention yesterday I read my books and waited for the world to come to a close. Last night Carol and I watched videos on Youtube and watched college basketball.
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