March 6th, 2019

total absorption of believers into the Spirit's transformative activity

It is that time of day when I tell folks it is 2:29 PM Wednesday afternoon in the Death Zone. Right now outside it is gray and cold. This time tomorrow my wife will be out West and I will be here wondering if it was worth the bet.

Right now my wife is taking a nap and I just finished cleaning the kitchen. I really have not read anything today. I suppose this day has gotten away from me. This morning when I got up I made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. I ate my oatmeal and then wrote in my paper diary. Carol was talking to me all morning so it was impossible for me to dig deep into the Word of God with my wife making disturbances all around me.

This morning Carol left for a Woman's Bible Study and I soon afterwards left the house to visit thrift stores, put gas in my old Dodge van (my van is 28 years old) and visit an office supply stores. At thrift stores this morning I found these old beat-up used books to add to our library-

'On The Beach' Science Fiction by Nevil Shute

'Skylark Farm' A Novel by Antonia Arslan

'Sex, Drugs, And Coca Puffs' essays by Chuck Klosterman

'The Petting Zoo' A Novel by Jim Carroll

'Coninsby Or The New Generation' A Novel by Benjamin Disraeli

'Saul and Patsy' A Novel by Charles Baxter

'Lost Man's River' A Novel by Peter Matthiessen

When I got home it was around 12:30 PM. Carol was not home, because she was getting her hair cut.

Well the day has gone by. I am tired so I will close to face rest of the day.
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Your Readership Tag


(1) Who Influenced Your Beginning As A Reader? No one influenced me as a Reader. I grew up among people who were uneducated. I do not think of any of my kin folk finished High School. Ever since I was a little boy I loved books and reading books.

(2) What is the First Book You Remember? The first book I remember reading was 'Tom Sawyer' a novel by Mark Twain. I read 'Tom Sawyer' when was I was nine years old. I also read 'Huckleberry Finn' by Mark Twain at the same time I was reading 'Tom Sawyer'.

(3) What is the First Book That Impacted You? The first book that impacted me was The Bible.

(4) What Author Was Your First Love? I never have "loved" any human author. My first love is only the Lord Jesus Christ.

(5) What is one Book that has been on your TBR for too long? 'Moby-Dick' a novel by Herman Melville.

(6) Go-To-Suggestion for a new reader? The Bible

(7) What are you currently reading? Right now this morning I am reading a book titled, 'Embracing Contemplation: Reclaiming A Christian Spiritual Practice' Edited By John H. Coe And Kyle C. Strobel

(8) Who Do You Tag?
Auburn Books
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