January 17th, 2019

some of my favorite music

some of my favorite music

'Racing In The Street: The Bruce Springsteen Reader' Edited by June Skinner Sawyers

'Greasy Lake & Other Stories' by T. Coraghessan Boyle

'It An't No Sin to be Glad You're Alive: The Promise of Bruce Springsteen' biography by Eric Alterman
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Lake effect snow

It is in the death flow 1 o'clock PM Thursday afternoon. It is a very cold gray day. It is suppose to snow this afternoon, but nothing to be concerned about. Because we live near Lake Michigan we get Lake effect snow.

Thus far my day as been normal. Carol left this morning around 10:24 AM to have lunch with friends down in South Haven. I have been reading a short story by T. Coraghessan Boyle in his book of short stories titled, 'Greasy Lake & Other Stories. I did leave the house to visit a local thrift store this morning and bought one used book titled, 'Days Without End' A Novel by Sebastian Barry. I collect the writings of Sebastian Barry for our library.

Not much else to report this afternoon. I plan to spend the afternoon sitting in the dark.

Last night Carol went to bed early and I stayed up and read from a book titled, 'Racing In The Street: The Bruce Springsteen Reader' Edited by June Skinner Sawyers. I also made a video last night for my Youtube channel. Now it is another day. Well I will close to feel sick to the center of my being. Do not know when I will see Carol again. Carol told me last night that Caleb, Emily and the girls are coming over for dinner this evening. It always nice to see our two little granddaughters Josie and Cora.

VanRaalte Farm

VanRaalte Farm
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