November 13th, 2018

where will you turn?

"Revealing Her Sins So She Will Thirst For The Gospel. Johannes Brenz: His statement is a preparation for the future exposing of her sin. By this command, Christ wisely proceeds to manifest to the woman her sins, so that finally, with all joking aside, she might earnestly thirst for the promises of the gospel. For none earnestly and ardently seek the gospel unless they know their sin and sense their own damnation because of their sins. Before judgment and the exposing of our sins we seem well and are carefree. Even if we are conscious of our sins we imagine that they are easily forgiven. But when the Lord reveals sin, death is placed before our eyes and hell is set on fire. What, then, are you going to do? Where will you turn? When your human righteousness dies in judgment and when every fleshly aid is consumed by the fire of hell, what then? That is when we must desire to obtain the gospel, when we must look by faith to Christ, in whom there is complete comfort and life. So, Christ first disturbs this prostitute, revealing her sins, and then he justifies and comforts her. COMMENTARY ON JOHN 4:16" quoted from 'John 1-12' Reformation Commentary On Scripture Edited By Craig S. Farmer
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he heard the roar of a miracle coming, a long beak looking for snakes

It is 9:49 AM Tuesday morning here in southwest Michigan. Another cold gray snowy day. Winter has come early this year. It is going to be a long cold snowy winter this year. Winter starts in 2018 and goes through 2019. Hopefully we will experience another Spring season in our lives.

I got up this morning around 6:10 AM. I got up feeling normal. Lately I keep wondering if I am dying but not aware of it/the beginning of the end of my life. Some folks do not know they are dying till it is too late to call the miracle worker. So I got up made a pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. Last night I filmed two videos for my Booktube channel. I also last night watched television and read from a book titled, 'The Stories (So Far) Of Deborah Eisenberg'.

This morning I have been reading these books when not wandering my cell-

'Theodicy Of Love: Cosmic Conflict and the Problem of Evil' by John C. Peckham

'John 1-12' New Testament IV Reformation Commentary On Scripture

'From Dawn To Decadence 1500 To The Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life' by Jacques Barzun

Carol told me yesterday she should be home around 4 o'clock PM today. Her plane leaves Denver this morning and lands in Grand Rapids this afternoon around 3 o'clock PM if all goes OK. We never know when there will be a mass shooting or a terrorist attack. We never know when the Angel of Death will strike us with a sword. We never know when the Lord will call us up yonder.

This morning I am expecting a garage worker to come and replace the bottom of our garage door with a rubber seal (?). We need to prepare ourselves for a cold winter and keep the heat inside our cage.

I will close to read 'The William H. Gass Reader'. Wait to see how it unfolds.
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