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October 17th, 2018 
It is 3:01 PM Wednesday in the rushing death flow. It is a cold windy chilly day here where I am growing old faster and faster. Please take me Lord when I am ripe for glory!

I just got home from filling up with gas our old Dodge van which is going on 28 years old. The gas was down thirty cents so I had to fill my van with gasoline before it went up again. On the way home from the gasoline station I stopped at a thrift store to look at their used books, did not buy used books. I did one used CD 'The Hissing Of Summer Lawns' Joni Mitchell. Now I am sitting HERE writing words out of a habit that I can't kick. I write words because I love silence.

I have had a normal day thus far. But I fully realize by nightfall my life could turn into a fiery flame out.

I got up this morning around 7:10 AM. When I got up I find my wife on her cell phone reading The Washington Post. I made for breakfast a small pot of oatmeal for Carol and I. I ate my oatmeal and messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary, read and made a video for my Booktube channel. Carol was gone all morning doing errands, she got home around 1:30 PM. Carol went to bed as I was leaving for a gas station. So has gone the death flow. I am tired right now, which is a sign of decay.

I do not remember last night. I suppose I will close to face what comes next. All one can do is wait for the ax to fall.

I just remembered we had for dinner our oldest son Caleb, his wife Emily and their girls Josie and Cora for dinner. Josie came over earlier to make chex mix with Noni.

Josie & Carol

Cora & Carol


Josie Joy

'Dictionary Flip' For when you know what you want to say but can't think of the word by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Ph.D.

'Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments' by Alexander Cruden hardback edition

'The New York Public Library American History Desk Reference'

'Reformed Confessions Harmonized With an Annotated Bibliography of Reformed Doctrinal Works' Edited By Joel R. Beeke & Sinclair R. Ferguson

'The New York Times Manual Of Style and Usage' Allan M. Siegal & William G. Connolly

'Psalter Hymnal' Centennial Edition of the Christian Reformed Church 1959 edition

'Oxford Pocket American Dictionary of Current English' paperback edition 2002

'Cruden's Complete Concordance' paperback edition

'Doctrinal Standards, Liturgy, and Church Order' Netherlands Reformed Congregations

'The Viking Book Of Aphorisms' A Personal Selection By W.H. Auden & Louis Kronenberger

'The Random House Thesaurus' small pocket book edition

'A Guide to Pronouncing Biblical Names' by T.S.K. Scott-Craig

'The Word Book III' A spelling Guide to over 40,000 Words By the publishers of The American Heritage Dictionary

'Slang and Euphemism' Third Revised Edition A Dictionary Of Oaths, Curses, Insults, Ethnic Slurs, Sexual Slang And Metaphor, Drug Talk, College Lingo, And Related Matters by Richard A. Spears

'American Slang' Edited By Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D.

'Liturgies Of The Western Church' Selected And Introduced By Bard Thompson

'Schott's Original Miscellany' by Ben Schott

'The C.H. Spurgeon Collection' Includes the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit and the Park Street Pulpit THE COMPLETE COLLECTION OF CHARLES SPURGEON'S WIRTINGS CD-ROM

'Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary' A handy, concise guide to 40,000 English words

New King James Bible
"(2.) There is a Subjective Tendency towards grace.
And this lies in those moral preparations, and those dispositions of the heart, which fit for receiving of grace, though it be wrought there only by the Holy Ghost. And thus we affirm, that, while men are in an unregenerate state, they may have and do somewhat that hath a tendency in it to grace: that is, one unregenerate man may have more of these previous dispositions, and these preparations for the receiving of grace, than another hath; for, though it be not in itself singly necessary that such previous dispositions should be wrought in the soul before the implantation of divine grace; since such a subject, as the soul is an respect of grace, doth not, as the schoolmen determine, require its previous dispositions for the production of its form; yet this is the usual common way of the Spirit's work, first to prepare the heart by some common works of conviction, legal terrors and remorse of conscience, before it works any saving and real work of grace in it. And, therefore, when any unregenerate man hath much of these previous preparations, we say that he goes very far towards grace, and me may be said to be almost a Christian. And this is all that tendency, that an unregenerate man hath, or can possibly do towards it: viz, a preparatory, and not an effective operative tendency unto saving grace and regeneration" pg. 391 Ezekiel Hopkins 'The Almost-Christian Discovered' Volume 3 The Works of Ezekiel Hopkins
"2. Now, in the next place, I shall shew how far a natural man may attain to these, so as to be almost a Christian.
(1) As for his Mind or Understanding, he may be irradiated with a clear and sparkling knowledge of divine and spiritual objects, when yet the soul is not truly converted to God.
It is true, as, in the creation of the world, the light is numbered and reckoned amongst the first of God's works; so likewise, in this new creation, the first work of the Spirit of God is to shed abroad his heavenly light in the understanding: and, therefore, we have this first order, in the commission, which our Saviour Jesus Christ gives to St. Paul, Acts XXVI.18. He sent him to the Gentiles, To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light; and, then it follows, from the power of Satan unto God. But, yet, notwithstanding, there is an illumination about spiritual things, which may gild and beautify the understanding of a natural man; who, like a toad, may be full of poison, though he hath a precious stone in his head. The Apostle lays down this as one of those attainments that an unregenerate man may have, and yet be an apostate: Heb. vi.4. He may not only have a deep knowledge and concatenation of the doctrine of Christ, and to unfold them to others; but may have also particular discoveries of the glory and beauty that there is in these things. We may see it clearly by Balaam's ecstasy, Numbers xxiv.5. Such discoveries carnal hearts may have made to them, and see their lustre and beauty. Nay, further, a carnal man may be convinced, that there is no other way of recovery but by the grace of God through the merits of Christ, of the suitableness of Christ to his soul, of the freeness of God's love, of the riches of his grace, of the readiness of his heart to receive him, of the desireableness of happiness, and of the beauty of holiness; and yet, for all this, remain in a natural state. . ." pg. 295,296 Ezekiel Hopkins Vol. 3 'The Works of Ezekiel Hopkins'

Wait for
Beloved of God
In Peace
enlarges his people

My father is God,
He breaths the people's cause

The Healer He is generous
O the daugheter of god
The Everlasting one he is praiseworthy
intelligent, sheep afraid of my fathers brother
the lord is judge, God has taken, taken by God
the time of the lord
God is exalted
the fire of God
God has given
God is he
who god sustains
he strengthens
he who god has helped
god has given
one whose people are many
the people will contend
the people will contend
god has rememberded retrebution
perfect and agreable, agreeable

the comforter

my messenger, my star
O who is like as you are
hey dove
who delivered salvation
who is like as you are

the comforter
my messenger the star

it is the Lord that opens
Jehovah he is perfect
he takes posessions
he that opens
he that is limiting
God is my strength
God has strengthened
Safely making to forget
the builder, the hiden one

The Lord saves who the Lord sustains
He who Jehovah has set up
God will fortify his people
The Lord is Just
God is great

King O King
King O King
King O King
The people...a vain thing
King O King
King O King
King O King
Only Thou art devout

He has pitched his tent
for the brilliant son
see him arise coming forth
as a champion
He does rejoice O daughter
to run his course
his horse...his horse!

King over the flood
Halleluhjah the waters stream
Bright Morning Star live forever
wear your servant as a ring


King O King
King O King
King O King
A sound from the city
King O King
King O King
King O King
A sound from the temple

No bird of prey has flown this way
no falcon's eye has seen it
no lion prowls there to devour
proud beasts set not foot upon it

King over the flood
Hallelujah the waters sing
bright morning star live forever
wear your servant as a ring

See he sits at table
reclined at rest with ragged lame

King over the flood
Hallelujah your people sing
bright morning star live forever
wear your servant as a ring

And it came to pass...
and in the mean while
in the heaven black
go again...back 7 times
behold the stone with 7 eyes
a little cloud rises from the sea
the multitude arose and led him unto thee
unto you an able bodied seaman
the olive...the king of trees

Ahab got up on his horse an rode
but the hand was on the man
Elijah the Lord is God
girded up his belt and ran

There surely is...for silver a source
a place for the all a gold that they refine
iron is taken from the dust
and from the firm stone brass
an end hath he set to darkness
and to all perfection he does search
search a stone of darkness
a stone of death-shade

Ahab got up his horse rode
but the Word was on the man
Elijah the Lord is God
girded up his belt and ran
ran ahead and before the horse
to where the Lord has sewn of course

Best dressed whiter than snow
the hair of His head
whiter than wool
His throne it is aflame with fire
and all its wheels ablaze

The covenant you made with death
it will be annulled
your agreement your treaty with the grave
it will not stand
the overwhelming scourge
shall pass right through
and ye shall be trodden down
trodden down to the ground

Ahab got up his horse rode
but the hand was on the man
Elijah the Lord is God
girded up his belt and ran
ran ahead and before the horse
to where the Lord has sewn of course
Elijah hear your name...the Lord is God

Best dressed whiter than snow
the hair of His head
whiter than wool
His throne it was aflame with fire
and all its wheels
and all its wheels ablaze
A river of flowing fire
coming out from before Him
Pa win ta ya akicita
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