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September 16th, 2018 
10:12 am - health of soul
It is 9:53 AM Sunday morning in the western part of the state of Michigan. My wife and I live near Lake Michigan. We are too poor to live on Lake Michigan. Only the very rich can afford to live on Lake Michigan. In essence Lake Michigan is owned by the rich and there are few public beaches for the rest of humanity to use for recreation. I personally do not like to swim or lay in the hot sun so I have rarely swam in Lake Michigan. I do like taking photos of Lake Michigan on clear blue sky days or when there is a mix of clouds and storm waves.

Carol just left for Covenant PCA. I just came in from feeding the birds and putting clean water in the bird bath. God wants us to have clean fresh water.

Carol and I were both up at 5:55 AM this morning. I have been wandering through the morning in a fog. I did find time this morning to write in my paper diary and read some of Baxter's treatise titled 'The Knowledge of God' found in volume three of 'Baxter's Practical Works'.

Last night we watched college football. Carol and I went to bed around 10:30 PM. I could not sleep so I got up and sat in the dark till 11:30 PM. Now it is a new week and we are in the middle of the another month. I did read some of the novel 'Hovac' last night while watching college football.

I got in the mail yesterday a book titled, 'American Eden: David Hosack, Botany, and Medicine in the Garden of the Early Republic' non-fiction by Victoria Johnson.

Do not know what I will do today to keep myself awake.

The Hobbies and Pastimes Book Tag

1. Sport: A novel with the best sporting contest or event portrayal. 'Nana' a novel by Zola horse racing scene

2. Music: A novel with the best musician or composer character. 'The Time of Our Singing' a novel by Richard Powers professional opera singer one of the main characters

3. Collecting: A novel with a character who collects things. 'Laura Warholic or; The Sexual Intellectual' a novel by Alexander Theroux collects old Blues records

4. Cookery: A novel with a great cooking or dining scene. 'John Saturnall's Feast' a novel by Lawrence Norfolk

5. Art: A novel with a painter, sculptor or painting in it. 'An Adultery' by Alexander Theroux one of the main characters is a painter

6. Hunting: A novel with a hunting or fishing scene. 'Trout Fishing In America' a novel by Richard Brautigan

7. Gardening: A novel with descriptions of gardens or flowers.'Already Dead: A California Gothic' a novel by Dennis Johnson main character grows marijuana

8. Birdwatching: A novel in which a bird features. 'A Tiding of Magpies: Birder Murder Mystery' by Steve Burrows

9. Genealogy: A novel which features several generations of a family. 'Buddenbrooks' a novel by Thomas Mann

10. Modeling: A novel in which someone constructs a model or a model railway set or something in miniature. 'The Miniaturist' a novel by Jessie Burton

11. Homebrewing: A novel that contains moonshine, bootleggers or unlicensed drinking. 'Twilight' a novel by William Gay the main character's father was a whiskey bootlegger

12. Gambling: A novel that features a gambler or a scene of gambling. 'The Gambler' a novel by Fyodor Dostoersky

13. Cosplay: A novel in which a character dresses up or disguises themselves. 'Blue Belle' crime fiction by Andrew Vachss one of the characters who is a man dresses as a woman
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