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September 7th, 2018 
It is 3:52 PM Friday afternoon in the death flow. It is 72 degrees and gray outside this afternoon.

This morning after Carol and I checked out a garage sale I went to the Book Nook our local library used books store to volunteer for three hours. When I got home from the Book Nook I ate lunch and then mowed our lawn.

So the day goes by. Carol is sleeping this afternoon, seeking to get over her summer cold.

The Book Nook was slow today so I read from two used books I had bought this morning while volunteering-

'Uncommon Carriers' essays by John McPhee

'Ill Will' a crime novel by Dan Chaon

While I was at the Book Nook Carol babysat Cora while Emily and Josie went to the Holland city community pool. When I got home from the Book Nook Emily and Josie were here to get Cora. We celebrate this coming Sunday Josie's birthday.

Last night I watched television with Carol. She went to bed around 9 o'clock PM. I stayed up and watched some professional football and then messed with our main computer till 11 o'clock PM.

I mainly read yesterday from a book titled, 'American Audacity: In Defense Of Literary Daring' essays by William Giraldi.

I do not know what I will do the rest of this day. I will close to drift.
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