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August 31st, 2018 
It is in the death flow 3:54 PM Friday late afternoon. It has been a long day here in west Michigan!

I got up this morning around 7:34 AM. When I got up my wife was already up reading in the living room. I made for us oatmeal for breakfast. I amazes me how little I eat, but never get thinner. Weird. I really do not like eating food. I should be real skinny but I am a little overweight. I do not consider myself a fat man, but I do have a fat belly. My belly must be excess fat that has become apart of my body mass. I need to burn off excess fat but taking up prize fighting or mountain climbing.

This morning I volunteered at the local library used books store The Book Nook from 10 o'clock AM till 1 o'clock PM. At the Book Nook when not helping people I read from a book titled, 'Modernism The Lure Of Heresy: From Baudelaire To Beckett And Beyond' by Peter Gay. I brought home from the Book Nook these used items/books-

'The Land Of Open Graves: Living And Dying On The Migrant Trail' by Jason De Leon With Photographs By Michael Wells

'The Letters of John and Abigail Adams' Penguin Classics

'Ted & I: A Brother's Memoir' by Gerald Hughes

'A Reader's Book of Days: True Tales From The Lives And Works Of Writers For Every Day Of The Year' by Tom Nissley

'The Paris Review' Summer 2014 209

When I got home from the Book Nook Carol was not home. She came home soon after I did. She is sleeping right now because she works the next three nights.

I went down the street this afternoon to see if Caleb needed help for anything. I brought home used moving boxes to reuse packing some of my books to store in a back room down in the lower level.

I will close since I am feeling wasted. This is the last day of August 2018. Tomorrow is a new month, September 1, 2018.
08:22 pm - toadstools
We see in our neighbor's yard often these toadstools growing. Our neighbor has tried a million ways to prevent the toadstools from growing but they keep coming back no matter what he does. These toadstools must have very deep roots. Every time it rains and gets humind these toadstools spring up it seems over night.




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