October 6th, 2017

the will to believe

It is 1:27 PM Friday afternoon. I just got home from volunteering at our local library used books store from 10 AM till 1 PM. The store was not very busy today so I wandered the small store and read 'Haussmann Or The Distinction' a novel by Paul La Farge. Now I am home to a super quiet house. Carol left early this morning to spend the day with old girl friends.

I should mention that I brought home for my free book for volunteering a novel titled 'Fingersmith' by Sarah Waters.

There is not much else to report. I did go to a church garage sale this morning to scout out their selection of used books. I found these used books this morning at this church garage sale-

'Writings 1878-1899' by William James [Library of America]

'The Man Without A Shadow' a novel by Joyce Carol Oates

'The Master And Margarita' a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov Translated From The Russian By Michael Glenny [Everyman's Library]

Last night I watched professional football and went to bed early. I was up this morning around 5:50 AM and now it is 1:36 PM afternoon. My life is zooming by! I will close to drift through the rest of this day. There is nothing else.
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    Bruce Springsteen 'The Rising'

"Run Mascara Run" a song by The Raveonettes

"Run Mascara Run"

Blood runs like your makeup
In this slow motion dream
Your blue jeans are torn
And there's blood on the leaves

Seen you in my dreams
Of love and falling bombs
Young roses lie dead
When the napalm smell is gone

I'm sleepwalking through cities of fire
Bikini atoll, napalm honey
Never burned so bright
Exploding roman candles tonight
Those tears remind me of nuclear rain
When the fireflies went to their grave
There's blood on this sad girl's white t-shirt
Coming home from war was never fun

I'm sleepwalking through cities of surf
Waves exploding on shore, no fair game
Fifteen tanned boys weeping in the sand
Pacific hell and bloodstained oceans
My sweetheart I never saw again
She went missing, she never came back
Bombs fell on palm trees and hot rod cars
Radios silenced by grieving boys

The palm trees burning down
And your kisses are wild
You smile at orange skies
And I wake up on the west side
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    The Raveonettes '2016 Atomized'