September 22nd, 2017

way is being paved for the final restoration of the old Roman Empire

It is 2:52 PM Friday afternoon and it is very hot outside today. I noticed this afternoon our front lawn turning brown because the grass is drying up. Maybe this evening I should water our front lawn, because there is no rain in sight till maybe next Wednesday!

So Time has gone by normal today. I am falling asleep as I type these words.

Today I volunteered at the local library used books store from 10 AM till 1 PM. It was quiet at the Book Nook so I read and wandered the store till my replacement came. I read at the Book Nook some more of 'The Decameron' by Giovanni Boccaccio. I brought home from the Book Nook these used books to add to our library-

'Season of Migration To The North' a novel by Tayeb Salih Translated from the Arabic by Denys Johnson-Davies

'The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar: Living With A Tawny Owl' a memoir by Martin Windrow

'America's Reconstruction: People And Politics After The Civil War' by Eric Foner & Olivia Mahoney

'The Reverse of The Medal' historical fiction by Patrick O'Brian

'The Surgeon's Mate' historical fiction by Patrick O'Brian

'The Fortune Of War' historical fiction by Patrick O'Brian

'McSweeney's Quarterly Concern-Issue Number 13 Editor C. War (Christmas 2004)

'The Big Seven' a novel by Jim Harrison

'The Great Leader' a novel by Jim Harrison

'Brown Dog' Novella's by Jim Harrison

'Everybody's Fool' a novel by Richard Russo

'Losing Our Virtue: Why the Church Must Recover Its Moral Vision' by David F. Wells

So the day has gone by. Since I am falling asleep I will close for the time being.
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God in the Wasteland

It is now in the flow of decay 3:59 PM Friday late afternoon. I feel somewhat awake presently so I thought I would once again attempt to write something about my transitory life before I become a feast for worms.

Like I wrote earlier it is very hot outside and everything is turning brown. Our lawn is turning brown and the grass is dying. I bet the farmer's are not happy about this extremely spell of hot weather.

So this morning Carol got up before I did which is unusual since I am always up before the crack of dawn. I got up around 7 o'clock AM to find Carol is the sun room reading her Bible. I made a fresh pot of coffee and then a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer and then I left the computer station and went into our dining room to write in my paper diary. I did not read this morning any 17th century English Puritan theology or spirituality. I looked at for awhile this morning a book I got in the mail yesterday titled, 'The Annotated Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott Edited with an Introduction and Notes by John Matteson.

I left the house for the library used books store around 9:40 AM and so has gone by the day. Not much else to report. I did get out yesterday from the lower level my Louisa May Alcott books-

'Eden's Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father' biography by John Matteson

'Louisa May Alcott: A Personal Biography' by Susan Cheever

'Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women' biography by Harriet Reisen

'Louisa May: A Modern Biography of Louisa May Alcott' by Martha Saxton

'Alcotts: Biography of a Family' by Madelon Bedell

I looked at the above books before going to bed last night.

Carol is working tonight and then is off this weekend. It constantly amazes me lately that Carol and I have been together 38 years and it seems just yesterday when we started hanging out together. Where has time gone? I want to spend eternity with Carol. I want to be next to Carol forever and ever. It is very painful to know someday we must be separated by death.

I will close to rest. Existence keeps speeding by!
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