July 11th, 2017

Booktube Newbie Tag 2.0

Booktube Newbie Tag 2.0

1). What genres would you like to see talked about more on BookTube? Biographies, Letters, & Travel

2). What do you feel is the best way(s) to make friends on BookTube? The best way to make friends on BookTube is to comment on their videos if you find them thought provoking and life changing.

3). What will/ do you enjoy the most about making BookTube videos? What I like about making videos in BookTube is the activity of making them and then posting them. I like just sitting down and talking into a camera sharing my love for books and the Lord Jesus Christ.

4). What will/do you least look forward to when making BookTube videos? What I do not like about making videos in BookTube coming up with a subjects/topics for future videos.

5). What videos other than tags, TBR's, wrap-ups, reviews and recommendations would you want to see more of? I have no recommendations.

6). What are some themes you want to see more of or less of in books? I would like to see more videos in BookTube on Christian books especially books on biblical intrepretation.

7). What are some of your BookTube goals? I have no BookTube goals.

8).What advice would you give to a BookTuber that has just created their channel? My advice for new BookTuber is to make videos at least once a week no matter how you feel.

9). What are some qualities or traits that you look for when it comes to watching other BookTubers? When I search out new BookTubers I look for intelligence and if they are widely read in the fields of History, Art, Music, and Literature.

10). What is a fun fact about you or a hobby besides reading and writing that people on BookTube might not know you have? My hobby is Nature photography.
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the democratization of bohemia

It is in the death flow 12:46 PM Tuesday afternoon. It is 81 degrees inside our home right now. It is a humid afternoon and it feels like it might storm.

I have had thus far a normal American day. All my days seem to flow in all the same aimless direction.

I got up this morning around 6:25 AM. I got up made a pot of oatmeal and then I then messed with our main computer. When Carol got up I made a fresh pot of coffee. Carol left this morning early for a staff meeting at the hospital and then afterwards to visit her older brother Dave and his wife Gail.

This morning I felt totally out of it. I wrote in my paper diary and messed with our main computer. I laid down for an hour down in the lower level and when Carol got home around 11 o'clock AM I came upstairs. Since getting up from a nap I read some more of a biography on the life of Henry David Thoreau and drifted. I am wasted this afternoon. I feel lifeless. Oh! I just remembered I made five minute video this morning for my BookTube channel.

Yesterday afternoon and into evening hours I read some more of the novel 'The Luminaries' by Eleanor Catton.

Not much else to report this afternoon. I suppose I will close to wait to see what comes in the mail this afternoon. There is no way out.
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