May 12th, 2017

Friday Reads

Friday Reads

"The Spanish Civil War: Reaction, Revolution, And Revenge" by Paul Preston

"Spain In Our Hearts: Americans In The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939" by Adam Hochschild

"The Dream Maker" a novel by Jean-Christophe Rufin

"The Evangelicals: The Struggle To Shape America" by Frances Fitzgerald

"Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet And The Painting Of The Water Lilies" by Ross King
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Cortez The Killer

It is 1:12 PM Friday afternoon. Outside it is a sunny day. Everything is in full bloom. Next week we are going to have days in the 80's and I am sure everything will explode into full bloom.

Carol and I got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. I made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast and a fresh pot of coffee. After breakfast we went grocery shopping. When we got home we put away the groceries (the blessings of the Lord). I ate some food and then decided to mow the front and back yard. As I was mowing Carol left to do stuff. After mowing the lawn I cleaned up and then wrote in my paper diary. I also made a short video this morning for my BookTube channel.

I have been this afternoon trying to read when not falling asleep a book titled, "The Spanish Civil War: Reaction, Revolution, And Revenge" by Paul Preston.

Last night I watched taped television shows with my wife. We went to bed around 10:30 PM. I mainly read yesterday the novel "The Dream Maker" by Jean-Christophe Rufin.

I am going to close because I am tired.
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Neil Young - Cortez the Killer (Acoustic) w/ Lyrics

Lyrics: "Cortez The Killer"

He came dancing across the water
With his galleons and guns
Looking for the new world
In that palace in the sun.

On the shore lay Montezuma
With his coca leaves and pearls
In his halls he often wondered
With the secrets of the worlds.

And his subjects
gathered 'round him
Like the leaves around a tree
In their clothes of many colors
For the angry gods to see.

And the women all were beautiful
And the men stood
straight and strong
They offered life in sacrifice
So that others could go on.

Hate was just a legend
And war was never known
The people worked together
And they lifted many stones.

They carried them
to the flatlands
And they died along the way
But they built up
with their bare hands
What we still can't do today.

And I know she's living there
And she loves me to this day
I still can't remember when
Or how I lost my way.

He came dancing across the water
Cortez, Cortez
What a killer.
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