February 20th, 2017

we need to surrender ourselves fully unto Him for salvation

It is in the death flow 7:45 AM Monday morning. Today is a national holy day President's Day so there is no mail today. The god State does have holy days to give people time to worship the Beast.

I got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. I got up made myself a bowl of oatmeal and a pot of coffee. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary. After writing in my diary I got out to read for morning devotions these books-

"The Christian's Only Comfort In Life And Death: An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism" Volume 1 by Theodorus VanderGroe Translated by Bartel Elshout Edited by Joel R. Beeke

"The Christian's Only Comfort In Life And Death: An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism" Volume 2 by Theodorus VanderGroe Translated by Bartel Elshout Edited by Joel R. Beeke

Outside this morning it looks like it is going to be a cloudy sunny day. At least it is not snowing or raining. It is suppose to rain this evening here in West Michigan.

I have nothing to do today worth doing. I might go down into the lower level library today and purge some more books and do some cleaning. It ought to be a day of contemplative silence for me. I love silence. If I love silence so much than why do I buy extreme music? I am a mystery. I do not seek to explain myself. We must all stand before God on the Last Day. God is the Searcher of hearts. At least being a loner prevents me from being judged by outsiders. Why condemn each other because of personality differences is my motto.

Last night I made a video for my BookTube channel and read. I went to bed early. Now it is another day to prepare to die. I will close to drift.
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the revelation of the gospel of salvation

It is 8:34 AM Monday morning right now here in West Michigan. I am falling asleep this morning. I am thankful it is not a death slumber or being in a state of spiritual death. I read this morning in Volume 1 "The Christian's Only Comfort in Life and Death" The Mediator, Jesus Christ-Lord's Day 6.

"Both passages quoted above refer to the ceremonial law of the Old Testament and that the eternally binding moral law. Christ, however, is declared in His gospel to be the end of or the aim of both, so that the law functions for believers as their schoolmaster to bring them unto Christ (Gal.3:24).

However, the revelation of the gospel of salvation was not limited to this. God, who in earlier times had caused it to be proclaimed to the believing fathers, has lastly "Fulfilled it by His only begotten Son." He sent Christ, His Son, into the world in the fullness of time to accomplish the salvation of the elect both passively and actively, so that thereupon He would be exalted to be the ruler, the king, and the savior of His people.

Thus, the instructor posits that by means of this holy and precious gospel, a gospel that God has revealed to the world and at His time brought to fruition, believers may know with certainty that the Lord Jesus Christ is the true mediator and deliverer to whom all the ends of the earth must turn in order to be saved (Isa.45:22). In so doing, the instructor has identified and unveiled the one mediator, who, on behalf of guilty and impotent sinners such as we are, is capable and all-sufficient to satisfy God's justice and to deliver us from all our misery, into which, by our sins, we have sunk as into a bottomless pit.

However, the mere knowledge that there is such a mediator and deliverer for us will be of no help to us if we do not truly and personally turn unto Him and His redemption. As impotent sinners, we need to surrender ourselves fully unto Him for salvation, thereby securing true union and communion with Him by faith. . ." pg.83.84 Theodorus VanderGroe
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The Law and Gospel

47 L.M. Isaac Watts
The Law and Gospel. Gal. 3. 10; Luke 23. 34; 1 Cor. 1. 18
1 [Cursed be the man, for ever cursed,
That does one wilful sin commit;
Death and damnation for the first,
Without relief and infinite.

2 Thus Sinai roars, and round the earth
Thunder, and fire, and vengeance flings;
But Jesus, thy dear gasping breath
And Calvary, say gentler things:

3 “Pardon and grace, and boundless love,
Streaming along a Saviour’s blood;
And life, and joy, and crowns above,
Obtained by a dear bleeding God.”

4 Hark! how he prays, (the charming sound
Dwells on his dying lips,) “Forgive!”
And every groan and gaping wound
Cries, “Father, let the rebels live!”]

5 Go, ye that rest upon the law,
And toil and seek salvation there,
Look to the flame that Moses saw,
And shrink, and tremble, and despair.

6 But I’ll retire beneath the cross;
Saviour, at thy dear feet I’ll lie!
And the keen sword that justice draws,
Flaming and red, shall pass me by.
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lost at sea

lost at sea

"The Christian's Only Comfort In Life And Death: An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism" Volume 1: Lord's Day 1-26 by Theodorus VanderGroe Translated by Bartel Elshout

"The Last Innocent White Man in America and other writings" by John Leonard

"Reading For My Life: Writings, 1958-2008" by John Leonard

"The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, Writer's Block, and the Creative Brain" by Alice W. Flaherty

"The Practice of Reading" by Denis Donoghue

"The Invention of Science: A New History of the Scientific Revolution" by David Wootton
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