October 2nd, 2016

a common human nature

It is in the death flow Midwest style 10:10 AM Sunday morning. Outside this morning it is wet and pale gray.

I got up this morning around 7:44 AM. When I got up I found my wife in the living room reading the Holy Bible. I made us oatmeal for breakfast. After eating mush I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary.

Carol left for Covenant PCA around 9:55 AM while I was outside feeding the birds. Every day I fed the birds and put clean water in the bird bath. It is blessing to be able to give birds clean water. Someday clean water will sell for a bag of gold. Human beings are polluting all the clean water in the world. Human beings are killing the oceans of the world. Some day the world will be completely dead. We are leaving for future generations a dead planet so let's go to our local churches and pray for the end of this present evil age.

I have been reading this morning a used book I bought yesterday titled, "Magic, Science, and Religion And Other Essays" by Bronislaw Malinowski.

I have no plans for the day a head of me. It will go by like all my other days.

Last night I watched college football and read "Magic, Science And Religion And Other Essays". Carol went to bed early and I stayed up late wondering where did my youth go?

I did make a BookTube video yesterday evening. I put away down in the lower all the used books I bought at the Holland Rescue Mission Used Books Sale. It is new week which means I can once again scour thrift stores for used books to add to our library.

I will close to scream into the Void.

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Nux Vomica - Sanity Is For The Passive

The sky is turning brown and the trees are shriveling up
Pollutants are rising, colliding, and raining down
We thought the end would be aflame, with deadly shrieks of pain
We thought the fury would pour straight from our very souls
And the bastards' heads would stare down from the tops of poles
But we started at the end
We started at the end...

Unwittingly, we mimic society
With our sub-sects, genres, and in-fighting
Not realizing that our constant agitation
Has roots in our need for transient migration
To exist like this is a constant struggle
And sanity is a state of mind reserved for the passive

We stopped watching the news 'cause we couldn't take it anymore
We've been a plague upon this earth since a long long time ago
We try and try to stop the tide, but we know we're all doomed
We're drowning in our own confusion, reaching for the moon
We squirm and twitch as our nature persists
Telling us we can't live this way, we must resist
We're dreamers, wide awake amid comfortably sleeping sheep
Lazy grazers, passively placid, constantly telling us
"Rest your head, you worry too much"...

I woke up in a cold sweat from a dream that has come true
The end times are upon us and there's nothing we can do
We're pollinating hatred at a rate the bees can't match
And the Devil's mouth is open and we're going down the hatch

Apocalyptic nightmares seem so quaint compared to this
A creeping, slow decay of life which we all seemed to miss
And what we miss is always all that nature seems to catch
We've ripped the earth wide open and we're going down the hatch

The padlock on the gates of hell hangs from a rusty slot
And keeping that thing locked seems like the only chance we've got
But we invented hell and that's why we're the key that turns the latch
And the Devil's mouth's wide open and we're going down the hatch

Why do we participate so willingly?

A dependent stain
In our isolation
We remain reluctant, fawning parasites
Rising, colliding, and raining down
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    Nux Vomica self-titled

the gigantic ghost of the Collective Soul

It is in the death flow 6:54 PM Sunday night. Well it is not dark outside yet but it is evening time.

The sun did come out this afternoon. I thought it would be rain all day, but the sun decided to shine for awhile.

I had a super quiet day. I basically wandered the house, watched some professional football and read. I also took a short nap this afternoon down in the lower level. Carol also took a nap this afternoon.

Not much else to report. I did make a short BookTube video late this morning sharing what I plan to read this week.

Tomorrow is a Monday. I have no plans for the new week. This evening I have been reading a new book titled, "The Castaway Lounge" a novel by Jon Boilard.

I will close to have a cup of tea and wait for Carol to come home from Covenant PCA.
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