August 22nd, 2016

the death rattle of the Age of Reason

It is 12:37 PM Monday afternoon in the death flow. It feels like Autumn this afternoon.

Carol and I just got back from doing errands all morning. While out we stopped at thrift stores so I could look at their used books. I found these used books to ADD to our library-

"Winter In The Blood" a novel by James Welch

"Last Things" a novel by C. P. Snow

"Collected Stories" by Frank O'Connor

"I Gave You All I Had" a novel by Zoe Valdes Translated Fro The Spanish By Nadia Benabid

"Vengeance" a novel by Benjamin Black

There is not much else to write this afternoon. These days go through time in a fog. I am tired. Summer is coming to a close. Soon the year 2016 will be forgotten.

Last night I read "Voltaire's Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West" by John Ralston Saul and watched television PBS Mysteries. Now it is another day to drift in a sea of garbage.

I will close to drink a fresh cup of coffee. There is no way of escape.

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