July 29th, 2016

the ascetics of attention

It is in the death flow 9:27 AM Friday morning. It is a gray windy wet cloudy morning here by Lake Michigan. It is suppose to get up in the 80's today. Right now it is cold and wet. Earlier we heard the rumble of thunder. Yesterday it rained in the late afternoon. I mowed the lawn and pulled weeds before it rained.

This morning we went out for breakfast downtown to the Windmill and then walked Rudy at Kollen Park. Since getting home this morning all I have done is write a few words in my paper diary and sit. I am brain dead these days. My mind refuses to function.

Last night I read a little of the novel "Mickelsson's Ghosts" by John Gardner and went to bed early. In the mail yesterday I received a book titled, "The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming An Individual In An Age Of Distraction" by Matthew B. Crawford. I also looked at this book before going to bed.

Now it is another day. I once again cover for someone at the Herrick District Library Used Books Store from 1:30 PM till 5 o'clock PM.

Well I am feeling wasted so I will close to drift and stare into the void.
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    The Body 'All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood'