February 1st, 2016

Archimandrite (English Subtitles)

Published on Apr 9, 2012
Archimandrite Gabriel -- an Orthodox monk from the Podlasie province in Poland -- is the founder and sole inhabitant of the Kudak grove hermitage by river Narew. During his first few years there, he lived and prayed in a wagon house, without electricity, running water, or contact with the outside world. After five years, thanks to the help of people of Orthodox faith from local villages, the grove saw the rise of a wooden church, a dormitory for monks, and outbuildings.

Pilgrims are drawn to the place by archimandrite Gabriel's personality: he can find common ground with anyone, he grants spiritual advice, heals with herbs, and keeps bees. When necessary, he rolls up his sleeves and works on building the hermitage right alongside everyone else.

The archimandrite's biggest concern is finding a successor. Prospective monks don't last long in the hermitage, however. They can't stand the lack of access to civilization, common comforts, and contact with their peers.

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sweet tooth

It is in the death flow 1:37 PM Monday afternoon. A mild day in the Wasteland. The snow has been melting today.

Carol left for the West this morning around 4 o'clock AM. I went back to bed around 5 o'clock AM and got up at 8:30 AM. I saw Carol off because I wanted to tell her good-bye and I love you and come back to me.

This morning I left the house to visit thrift stores around 9:45 AM and to get fresh bagels. I also while out wandering bought myself finally a Headphone Extension cord.

I found these used books today to add to our book collection-

"The Diaries Of Jane Somers" fiction by Doris Lessing

"The Appointment" a novel by Herta Muller

"The Gift of Stones" a novel by Jim Crace

"Sweet Tooth" a novel by Ian McEwan

"The Son of The Circus" a novel by John Irving

"Norman Rockwell: A Life" by Laura Claridge

"The Murder of Helen Jewett: The Life And Death of A Prostitute In Nineteenth-Century New York" by Patricia Cline Cohen

When I got home this afternoon I wrote in my paper diary and ate lunch. So existence goes by. I am tired, but that is normal. We went to bed early last night, but I hardly slept.

music Fennesz 'Black Sea'

Well I will close to wait for Carol's phone call. She said she would call when she landed in the West.

Last night I read some of the novel, "The Rug Merchant" by Meg Williams.
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