December 20th, 2015

knowing in our hearts that the old mechanical myths had died at Hiroshima

It is in the death flow 11:46 AM late Sunday morning. The sun is shining this morning which is nice. I just got up from a nap down in the lower level. I got to bed late last night and had to go back to bed this morning. Now I feel somewhat awake to face the light of day. It is dark down in the lower level so it was strange coming upstairs to find the rooms filled with bright sunlight.

I got up this morning and 7:10 AM, but did not get to bed last night till 1 AM. I stayed up late making videos and listening to music.

When I got up this morning I made myself oatmeal and ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and then dozed till my wife got home from work. I have not read anything this morning.

Not much else to report. Yesterday is a blur right now. I mainly read yesterday a memoir titled, "The Sixties" by Jenny Diski. I have been reading lately this month Jenny Diski's novel "Monkey's Uncle". That is all I can recall right now.

I have nothing else to report. I am not in the mood to watch professional football this afternoon. I am not in the mood to go for a walk someplace and take pictures. I suppose I will close to wait it out in silence. There is no way of escape. I am trapped.
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    Lighting Bolt 'Fantasy Empire'


Yesterday our daughter Bethany posted a recent picture of Maggie Carol. Beth tells us Maggie is a happy baby.

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    Thee Of Sees 'Mutilator Defeated At Last'