September 22nd, 2015

bonus vegetable buckets

In this video TV evangelist Jim Bakker is selling buckets of food that will last 20 years. Bakker believes the seven years of Tribulation are coming soon and he is selling food buckets that will last during the Tribulation Period because he believes food will go for gold. If you/Christians have food they won't starve during the seven years of Tribulation. Bakker believes anytime the Lord could come, but before He comes the Church must go through the Tribulation Period.

I find all this to be absolutely crazy! I can't believe what some professing Christians believe about the End Times/Eschatology!

The Great Tribulation

"Worried the pearly gates won't have clean water? TV evangelist Jim Bakker has your back.

Twenty years after his release from prison following rape and fraud allegations, the disgraced pastor is busy selling unique survival kits apparently for the Apocalypse.

On his website for his latest TV program, "The Jim Bakker Show," the 74-year-old sells everything from bulk "End of the World Biscuits," "Extreme Survival Bottles" — two for $57 — and extreme cold-weather apparel.

The evangelist, who considers himself one of today's experts on the Book of Revelation, appears motivated by the prophetic scriptures in the Bible, which warn of the Rapture — where Christians will be taken by God into heaven — and the second-coming of Christ.

As seen on his website under "Love Gifts," he sells plastic tubs packed with one to seven years' worth of food with 20-year expirations.

Love Gifts/Jim Bakker

On Bakker's website under 'Love Gifts,' he sells everything from plastic tubs packed with one to seven years' worth of food to 'extreme survival bottles.'

On Bakker's website under 'Love Gifts,' he sells everything from plastic tubs packed with one to seven years' worth of food to 'extreme survival bottles.'

The majority of the food sources appear in the form of beans, such as the $3,000 "Time of Trouble" tub, which contains 7,728 servings of black bean burger pouches.

Others include a mixed array of "End of the World Gravy" and "Kevin's Krazy Lasagna" in large, tightly-packed containers.

Bakker's online specialty store follows his 1994 release from prison for an original 45-year sentence for 24 counts of mail and wire fraud in 1989. That sentence was later reduced to eight years but he was released after serving nearly five.

He was additionally accused of raping one of his church's secretaries, Jessica Hahn, in the 1980s. In that case he argued the sex was consensual.

On his website he lightly addresses his troubled past.

"In 1987, Pastor Jim Bakker resigned as President of [The PTL Club] after a moral indiscretion he had committed seven years earlier that was brought to the public's attention," his biography reads.

Among the other activities keeping the pastor busy is his promotion of Morningside, the Christian retreat and retirement community outside of Branson, Mo. where his TV show is taped.

Since his release from prison he has also authored four books: “I Was Wrong,” “The Refuge,” “Prosperity and The Coming Apocalypse” and “Time Has Come.”"
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they hoped to prepare humanity for the Second Coming of Christ

It is in the dead flow 4:07 PM Tuesday early evening/late afternoon. The day has gone by like it was suppose to. The sun has been shining all day/nice early Autumn weather/tomorrow is the first official day of Autumn 2015/seasons come and go.

I got up this morning around 7:30 AM. I had tea and oatmeal for breakfast. I ate my breakfast surfing the world wide web/on our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary. Carol got home around 9 o'clock AM from work (she is now off the next three nights from work). After Carol went to bed I wandered the house and read from a book titled, "American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism" by Matthew Avery Sutton.

Brother Tim called me this morning asking if I could give him a ride to Family Fare grocery store. I said Sure I could give him a ride I am not doing anything today but mowing our lawn. Tim said he would be by our place on his bike after his AA Meeting/around 1:30 PM.

I mowed our lawn today and was done with yard work around 12:15 PM. I cleaned up after mowing the lawn and then had lunch. I read till Tim showed up the novel, "The Mighty Walzer" by Howard Jacobson. Before going to Family Fare grocery store we visited a Goodwill Thrift store so I could looked at their used books/I found these three used books to ADD to our spaced out book collection-

"Non Zero: The Logic of Human Destiny" by Robert Wright

"The Company Car" a novel by C. J. Hribal

"Back When We were Grownups" a novel by Anne Tyler

After Tim got his groceries we went to his place so he could put away his food supplies and eat something. After lunch we came back to my place so Tim could get his Ten-Speed bike and ride back to his apartment. So the day has gone by. Carol is up eating food and looking through newspapers. I suppose I will close to face IT.

Last night I watched television and read, "Witness to a Extreme Century" a memoir by Robert Jay Lifton. Life keeps zooming by to the Last Day. No way of escape.

Robert Jay Lifton
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