August 8th, 2015

a world wide wave of barbarism, savagery, and immorality

It is in the constant flow of cosmic energy 8:16 AM Saturday morning Eastern Standard Time. As I looked out the window on my right I see it is warm and gray outside. It feel autumn this morning. Summer is waning slowly these days.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. I woke up the song of birds chirping out by our bird feeder. I am thankful I do not wake up to the sound of gun fire or rockets exploding somewhere in the distance.

I got up made a pot of coffee (decided to have coffee this morning and not tea) and made myself a bowl of oatmeal. I do not remember ever eating oatmeal as a child. I do not remember eating anything as a child. I have no memories of my deceased mother cooking a meal for us. I really have only a few memories of my mother. I have no memories of my father since I never had one. I never knew my father or really my mother. The only person I have really known is my wife.

This morning I once again volunteer at the Herrick District Public Library used bookstore from 10 AM to 1 PM. Carol is suppose to be home from her trip east of the state for Josie's baptism when I get home from the library book nook. She told me last night over the phone when she gets into town before coming home she plans to go the Holland Farmer's Market.

Last night I mainly messed with our main computer and read the novel, "The Book Of Strange New Things" by Michel Faber. I am almost finish reading this novel.

Not much else going on this morning. I suppose I will close to write in my paper diary and to read these books for morning worship. We were created by the Lord to worship. I remember these words of our Lord Jesus in the Gospel of John (It is now raining outside.) "But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him" John 4:23.

"'Return to Me' A Biblical Theology of Repentance" by Mark J. Boda

"Luke" New Testament III Reformation Commentary On Scripture

"American Apocalypse: A History Of Modern Evangelicalism" by Matthew Avery Sutton

I will close to face what comes next. The Lord is faithful.

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the annihilation of animal populations

It is in the energy flow 3:46 PM Saturday late afternoon Eastern Standard Time.

I am not in the mood to spill my guts this afternoon. I just wanted to list the used books I brought home from the library book nook today.

"Running The Amazon" A firsthand account of the only expedition ever to travel the entire 4,200-mile Amazon River from its source high in the Andes to its union with the Atlantic Ocean by Joe Kane

"Stranger Encounters: Adventures of a Renegade Naturalist" by Daniel B. Botkin

"The Adventures And MisAdventures Of Peter Beard In Africa" biography by Jon Bower Master

Peter Beard

When I got home from the library book nook I found Carol here doing the check book.

I have not done much since coming home from the library used books store. I am out of it. All I have attempted to read is a chapter in the book "Stranger Encounters" by Botkin. Well I will close to wait it out. Tomorrow is a Sunday.

I did order from Amazon used another book by Botkin titled, "No Man's Garden: Thoreau and a New Vision for Civilization and Nature". In the book "Strange Encounters" I have been reading chapter 28 titled 'Thoreau's Transit'. I will close to look at a book in my library titled, "Thoreau's Alternative History: Changing Perspectives on Nature, Culture, and Language" by Joan Burbick.
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