May 5th, 2015

his desire to overcome the distinction between art and life

It is in the flow time 10:44 AM late Tuesday morning. Outside this morning it is raining. It is suppose to get in the 80's this week, which will cause everything to burst open/the tulips/flowers/trees. I can see from my study window my flower bed below and can see plants popping out of the earth. I wonder what wild flowers will bloom this year.

This morning I spotted several White Crowned sparrows under our bird feeder. I have not seen any Whited Throated sparrows this Spring. We can hear the White Throated sparrows sing, but have not seen them yet.

I got up this morning around 6:59 AM. I have had a normal morning. I have been reading this morning from a book titled, "To Keep the Ball Rolling: The Memoirs Of Anthony Powell" With A Foreword By Ferdinand Mount.

Carol left this morning for an appointment with Royal Securities. My wife and I are preparing for our retirement years. We could live another 30 years Carol and I. Carol could live another 42 years. Maybe we will live to be a 100 years old.

Last night I read from a volume titled, "The Magic Lantern: An Autobiography" by Ingmar Bergman. Carol got home from her outing to Grand Rapids around 5:30 PM yesterday.

Carol and I watched television last night and went to bed early.

music Andy Stott 'Faith In Strangers'

Well, there is not much else to report this morning. My existence keeps speeding by.

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