January 21st, 2015

a pelican in the wilderness

It is 11:17 AM Wednesday morning in the flow of life. These verses from First John (New Testament) come to mind when I am repeat the word Life inside my head, "For all that is in the world-the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life-is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever" 1 JN 2:16,17. I try to always listen to the Word of God.

I have had thus far a normal morning. Right now as I look out the window next to our main computer I see it is snowing lightly. I got up this morning around 6:50 AM. I got up made a fresh pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer locate in our living room. We do not live in a luxury apartment on 5th Ave. New York City. When I look around are home I can see Carol and I are not rich. Carol and I both grew up poor.

I have always admired how Hippies and the Beats lived/houses/furniture/environment. I wish sometimes we lived in big house with huge empty spaces. At times I feel cramped in this house. I long sometimes for room to breath. Maybe I am suffering lately from cabin fever.

I picked up Carol from work around 8:40 AM this morning. She went to bed around 9:26 AM this morning. She works tonight and then is off for four nights.

When my wife went to bed I was writing in my paper diary. I have done the usual stuff this morning. I fed our birds and then cleaned the kitchen. I went through my library to find books on being a loner/hermit. I read last night before going to sleep a book I got from the library book nook yesterday titled, "Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto" essays by Anneli Rufus. I collected these books this morning to look at or at least haunt me-

"The Hermitage Within" by A Monk (one of my favorite spiritual books)

"Teaching The Dead Bird To Sing: Living The Hermit Life Without And Within" by Paul Jones

"A Pelican In The Wilderness: Hermits, Solitaries And Recluses" by Isabel Colegate

"Solitude: A Return To The Self" by Anthony Storr

"Hermits: The Insights of Solitude" by Peter France

I have more books on this subject of solitude, but I am not in the mood to search for them in my book collection. I could list a ton of books in my library on the contemplative life/prayer, but some other time.

Last night I watched TV shows on Amazon Prime and went to bed and read "Party of One" till I got sleepy. Now it is another day to wait it out in silence. Well I do have music playing in the background, but I will soon shut down and sit in a state of non-activity. Watch the wheels spin inside my head.

Well I will close. Before I drift off I want to mention one more book that keeps coming to the surface of consciousness-

"The Solace Of Fierce Landscapes: Exploring Desert and Mountain Spirituality" by Belden C. Lane

"And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God." Luke 6:12
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Blest hour, when mortal man retires

Blest hour, when mortal man retires
To hold communion with his God;
To send to Heaven his warm desires,
And listen to the sacred word.

Blest hour, when God Himself draws nigh,
Well pleased His people’s voice to hear;
To hush the penitential sigh,
And wipe away the mourner’s tear.

Blest hour, for, when the Lord resorts,
Foretastes of future bliss are given;
And mortals find His earthly courts
The house of God, the gate of Heaven.

Hail, peaceful hour! supremely blest
Amid the hours of worldly care;
The hour that yields the spirit rest,
That sacred hour, the hour of prayer.

And when my hours of prayer are past,
And this frail tenement decays,
Then may I spend in Heaven at last
A never-ending hour of praise.


"And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven." Gen. 28:17
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all true writers are autodidacts

It is now in the flow of this cold snowy winter day 5:08 PM evening time. Where did this day go? It went down the throat of a beast. I am once again sitting in my cold study writing in my WordPress blog. I do not think anyone reads this blog in WordPress except me, which is cool with me. I just write here for the sheer joy of writing about nothing. If I find ordinary life not that interesting I am sure other people feel the same way I do. What is an interesting life? I personally can’t think of what an interesting life would look like for me. Does any life have to be interesting? Man is a food gather. I use to say myself when I was working 50 hours a week “Life is work”. I use to tell people back when I was working that I worked to speed up the process of decay/dying. I would tell to my co-workers, "Work is a killer."

I will soon have to wake up Carol and tell her it is time to face the time clock.

I had a super quiet day. I mainly read today the book titled, “Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto” by Anneli Rufus. This evening I started reading again, “Watergate” a novel by Thomas Mallon.

In the mail today I received a CD by the music group Psychic Ills titled, ‘One Track Mind’.

This afternoon I listened/watched an interview with the music band/rock band Sleather-Kinney. I received in the mail this week the new Sleather-Kinney record, ‘No Cities To Love’. I have been listening to the music of Sleather-Kinney for many years. I have all their records in my music library.

interview with Sleather-Kinney

There is nothing on TV tonight to watch so I might go to be early and read till I get sleepy. Tomorrow is a Thursday in the flow. I suppose I will close to wait for night fall.

Bjork has a new album coming out in March. I got out today my Bjork CD’s to listen to when in a correct mood. Also Leviathan and The Dodos have records coming out this year.

an interview with Bjork
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