December 9th, 2014

Judgment for the sake of redemption is the consistent pattern of Scripture

It is 8:14 AM Tuesday morning in the flow. I am sitting in my main study writing on my old lap top. Outside it is dark and 37 degrees. Carol is sitting in the living room working on her Woman's Bible Study on the Book of Job. Before coming here I was in our living room messing with our main computer. I was watching on YouTube an interview with the British writer Will Self.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. When I got up Carol was making oatmeal for a morning meal. So I ate some oatmeal and after eating I walked over to our main computer to read blogs and music reviews. So existence flows by. I have nothing to do today, but wait it out.

Yesterday was a super quiet day. I did not go anywhere yesterday. I mainly wandered the house and read my books yesterday. I went to bed early last night. And now it is another day to prepare for my home coming.

I read these books yesterday when not lost in space-

"A New Earth and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology" by J. Richard Middleton

"Salvation Applied By The Spirit: Union with Christ" by Robert A. Peterson

"Previous Convictions" A Journey Through The 1950's" a memoir by Nora Sayre

So here I sit in my main study. Yesterday Carol skyped Beth and Louisa for 40 minutes. Lou is going on nine months old. She sure is a cutie! Next week Emily and Josie will be here because Emily has a job interview (Geriatric Nurse Practioner) in Grand Rapids. If Emily gets this job Caleb, Emily and Josie will be moving back to Michigan. Caleb is our oldest son and they live right now in Boston Mass.. Caleb's job can be done anywhere because it is all on the computer. He does have to travel sometimes, but there is a international airport in Grand Rapids so that is no problem. (Also Caleb was born in Grand Rapids when we were in Bible College.)

Carol really wants Emily to get this job. What will be will be.

Well I do not know what else to report this morning. I will close to wander the house and write in my paper diary.
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flock of birds

Yesterday I heard this loud ruckus of bird sounds while I was outside throwing corn to the birds. I discovered that bird noises were coming from the top a giant tree in the yard across from our yard. I looked up to see a huge flock of starlings having a convention in the top branches of this tree. I went into the house and got my camera and took some pictures of this huge flock of birds.

It was difficult taking pictures at the birds because it was snowing. Water spots kept showing up on my pictures. I hate getting my camera wet, but I figured the water spots are part of the nature shoot/photos-Reality.

flocks of birds

flock of birds

flock of birds

flock of birds
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It is 9:18 PM Tuesday night. It was another quiet day for me. Once again I did not leave the house. I thought about leaving the house but I could not find a good reason to go out the door. I might leave the house tomorrow morning to visit thrift stores in search of used books to add to our library. I like looking at books. I am not saying I enjoy looking at books, I am saying I like looking at books. I can't think of anything I really enjoy doing in this dead American world. I am waiting for the New Creation.

Today I main read my books and sat waiting out Time. I plan to go to bed early tonight.

Carol went to work tonight and works tomorrow night then she is off from work. Our days are speeding by. Soon we will be in another year. Carol and I have been married 35 years. Will we have another year together on this sin cursed world? Only the good Lord above knows.

I mainly read this afternoon and this evening a memoir titled, "Previous Convictions: A Journey Through The 1950's" by Nora Sayre.

Well I will close to wander the house and listen to the music of Pulp. There is no way out.
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