September 10th, 2014

waiting it out

It is 8:15 AM Wednesday morning here by Lake Michigan. I got up around 7 o'clock AM this morning. I let Rudy out of crate and made a pot of coffee. Next I messed with our main computer No I next turned on the TV to see what the weather is suppose to be today. After watching a weather report I messed with our main computer. Next I wrote in my paper diary and now I am writing here. Carol has not called yet. I do not know what time her plane leaves Boston this morning. I plan to leave here for Grand Rapids sometime late this morning. I think if I am in Grand Rapids I will feel better inside. Years ago when Carol and I were beginning life together we lived in Grand Rapids. Our two sons Caleb Jon and Josiah were born in Grand Rapids Michigan while I was a student at Reformed Bible College. Well I had already graduated from Reformed Bible College when Josiah had been born. Joe was a still a baby when we moved to Jackson Miss. to attend Reformed Theological Seminary.

So here I sit waiting it out. It seems we are always waiting for something.

Last night I went to bed early. I did give Rudy a bath last night and did some cleaning before going to bed. I do not remember reading anything last night before going to bed.

Well I suppose I will close to wait it out. I sure will be glad when this day is over. There is always something to deal with.
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Baker Book House

It is in the flow of existence 1:32 PM Wednesday afternoon. I am in Grand Rapids at Baker Book House a Christian bookstore. I have been buying books from Baker Book House going on 36 years well really going on 40 years. Baker Book House is located not far from the Grand Rapids Airport. I usually came here to wait it out when Carol is flying into Grand Rapids. While waiting I can look at books. Baker Book House has a very large selection of used books also.

Before I drove to Baker Book House I stopped at Schuller Books here in Grand Rapids to look at their used books. I bought these two used books for our book collection this morning.

"de Kooning: An American Master" a biography by Mark Stevens & Annalyn Swan

"Manifesto: A Century of Isms" Edited by Mary Ann Caws

After visiting Schuller Books I went to a Burger King for food. I brought Rudy with me so I shared my lunch with him.

I looked around Baker Book House but saw nothing I wanted. I am sick of intellectual Christianity. I am sick of Theology. I want only to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.

I brought with me to read if I could focus on anything in my sick state these books-

"On Contemplating God, Prayer & Meditations" by William of St Thierry

"Carthusian Spirituality: The Writings Of Hugh Of Balma And Guigo De Ponte" [The Classics of Western Spirituality]

Carol did call me this morning. She spent the night at the hospital with Emily and the baby Josephine Joy.

I did see a used book here at Baker Book House that looked interesting titled, "The Letters Of Peter Of Celle" Edited By Julian Haseldine published by Clarendon Press Oxford. Baker Book House wants $250.00 dollars for this volume! Och! I also saw another book that looked interesting titled, "Paul and the Mission of the Church: Philippians in Ancient Jewish Context" by James P. Ware. Baker Book House wanted $30.00 dollars for this paperback. That is way too much money for me right now since I am not into reading New Testament biblical theology these days.

I really do not need any books New books. What I need is more of God. I need to feel good inside. I am praying for healing today.

Well I do not know what else to report. Existence keeps decaying.

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