August 21st, 2014

the poet saw his inner space in outer space

It is 11:27 AM Thursday morning here by Lake Michigan. It is humid hazy day. Yesterday morning we turned on our central air system to keep our tomb cool. I like a cool tomb in the American Wasteland. It is suppose to get in the 90's this coming Sunday. We are having a late Summer heat wave. So here I sit listening to Aphex Twin drinking coffee. My wife went to visit her older brother and his wife. Carol also plans to go to Penny's to buy sheets. Clean sheets are a blessing. I like to make love on clean sheets.

I got up this morning around 5:50 AM. I had a normal morning. Carol and I took Rudy our dog for a walk at Kollen Park this morning. It was a hot humid walk, but we made it home safe and sound.

This morning I made a pot of coffee when I got up. I next messed with our main computer. I took pictures of page 650 in my 2014 Diary to post in LJ communities devoted to keeping a journal. I have been writing in a diary since 1968. I love to write down words! I was hoping I would spend my life preaching the Word of God. Now I sit in silence writing in my diary waiting for the end of the old Creation and the beginning of the New Creation.

I read this morning a little of the treatise "The Roads To Zion Mourn" by Hugh of Balma. Last night I watched some television and read "Augustus" a novel by John Williams. I started reading a biography titled "Flaubert" by Benjamin F. Bart. One of my favorite novels was written by Flaubert titled, "Madam Bovary". I recently bought a new translation of the novel "Madam Bovary" by Lydia Davis. So much to read and so little time to prepare for the Eternal State.

This evening Carol drives over to GR to get Beth. Tomorrow Beth takes a train to New Mexico.

Well I will close to feel wasted beyond comprehension.
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the thousands of glistening white skeletons at the bottom of Pearl Harbor

It is 2:43 PM Thursday afternoon. This afternoon I visit a local thrift store and found these used books to add to our library or donate to the library book nook.

"Back When We Were Grownups" a novel by Anne Tyler

"Ladder Of Years" a novel by Anne Tyler

"Ceremony" a novel by Leslie Marmon Silko

"Granta: The Magazine Of New Writings" issue #85

"Evensong" a novel by Gail Godwin

"An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan" by Jason Elliot

"Strength In What Remains" biography by Tracy Kidder

"Night Train To Turkistan: Modern Adventures Along China's Ancient Silk Road" by Stuart Stevens

"Reminiscences" autobiography by General Douglas MacArthur (I recently bought a used biography on General Douglas MacArthur titled, "American Caesar Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964" by William Manchester.)

When I got home from the thrift store I found Carol home. She plans to leave soon to go get Bethany in Grand Rapids.

Well I will close to face the firing squad.

I have been mainly reading today a biography on Flaubert by Bart. I have in our library two other biographies on Gustave Flaubert.

"Flaubert: A Life" by Geoffrey Wall

"Flaubert" biography by Henri Troyat [Translated By Joan Pinkham]

Also sometime for sheer fun check out this book on Flaubert, "Sartre & Flaubert" by Hazel E. Barnes. Sartre wrote a five volume work on Flaubert.
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Come, let us lift our voices high

Come, let us lift our voices high,
High as our joys arise,
And join the songs above the sky,
Where pleasure never dies.

Jesus, the God that fought and bled,
And conquered when He fell;
That rose, and at His chariot wheels
Dragged all the powers of hell.

Jesus, our God, invites us here
To this triumphal feast,
And brings immortal blessings down
For each redeemed guest.

The Lord, how glorious is His face!
How kind His smiles appear!
And oh! what melting words He says
To every humble ear.

“For you, the children of My love,
It was for you I died;
Behold My hands, behold My feet,
And look into My side!

“These are the wounds for you I bore,
The tokens of My pains,
When I came down to free your souls
From misery and chains.

“Justice unsheathed its fiery sword,
And plunged it in My heart;
Infinite pangs for you I bore,
And most tormenting smart.

“When hell, and all its spiteful powers,
Stood dreadful in My way,
To rescue those dear lives of yours,
I gave My own away.

“But while I bled, and groaned, and died,
I ruined Satan’s throne;
High on My cross I hung, and spied
The monster tumbling down.

Now you must triumph at My feast,
And taste My flesh, My blood,
And live eternal ages blest,
For ’tis immortal food.

Victorious God! what can we pay
For favors so divine?
We would devote our hearts away
To be for ever Thine.

We give Thee, Lord, our highest praise,
The tribute of our tongues;
But themes so infinite as these
Exceed our noblest songs.

"And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God." Rev. 19:9
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