June 8th, 2014

the twentieth century revived a pluralism of world societies

It is 10:28 AM Sunday morning. It is a wet gray damp ugly morning here by Lake Michigan. During the night it rained, which was a blessing. We needed rain to fall during the night. Already everything is drying up.

I just got back from setting another chipmunk free at VanRaalte Farm county part. Thus far we have trapped eight chipmunks and have set them free at VanRaatle Farm. I will keep trapping chipmunks till we see no more. I saw a chipmunk this morning under our bird feeder and yelled to him, "Your next to go!"

Carol left this morning for church around 10 o'clock AM. I hope to see her this morning around 11:30 AM. We never know when death will strike one of us.

I got up this morning around 6:55 AM and made a pot of coffee. Next I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary. I should this week hit 450 pages in my paper diary. Next Sunday we will be in the middle of the month already. I need to apply for Social Security this week so I can start getting checks in the mail after my birthday August 14, 2014.

Last night I read "Seven Continents & Forty Years: A Concentrations of Memoirs" by C. L. Sulzberger and watched television. We went to bed around 11:15 PM last night. Now it is another day. Existence keeps zooming by!

Well I can not think of anything else to report so I will close.
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the obedience of faith

It is 1:40 PM Sunday afternoon in the flow of existence. The sun came out late this morning. It has been a quiet day thus far. Carol did not get home from church till 12 o'clock Noon. I have been reading when not wandering the house a volume titled, "Acts" New Testament VI Reformation Commentary On Scripture Edited By Esther Chung-Kim & Todd R. Hains. I also have been seeking to read a small book I got in the mail last week from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids Michigan titled, "Developing Healthy Spiritual Growth: Knowledge, Practice, And Experience" by Joel Beeke. Recently I was reading another book written by Dr. Beeke titled, "Prepared By Grace For Grace: The Puritans on God's Ordinary Way of Leading Sinners to Christ." Many years ago I use to get Beeke's sermon tapes in the mail and listen to them. Years ago I stop listening to sermons on tape. I can not remember the last time I heard a sermon. It is hard to believe for many years I was into listening to sermon tapes. I have found in the Christian circles I would be a member of the sermons would all tend to be expositions of Reformed doctrine and not textual. In Reformed churches what controls the hermeneutics is Reformed Theology and classical Reformed covenantal theology.

This morning I was in the mood to read some Reformed Theology so I got out once again the volume "Acts" NT VI Reformation Commentary On Scripture. I still once in awhile read Reformed Theology or Puritan Theology. Awhile back I read for a couple of months a volume titled, "A Puritan Theology: Doctrine For Life" by Joel R. Beeke & Mark Jones.

The last couple of months I have been reading my books on The Acts of the Apostle (New Testament).

Carol right now is talking to our oldest son Caleb Jon on her cell phone. Caleb and his wife Emily are expecting their first child this coming September.

Our son Josiah and his wife Hannah are leaving New Mexico this coming Tuesday to move to the state of Washington. Joe and Hannah have accepted teaching positions at a Christian school in the state of Washington, which they will start next school year.

Our daughter Bethany and our granddaughter Louisa Mae will be visiting us this coming August.

Well I suppose I will close to read and wander.
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the goodness of God

It is 10:40 PM Sunday night. I am not going to write much right now because it is my bedtime. I just wanted to write down a thought I have had lately that I want to capture on paper before I forget it.

The other day I was thinking about all the evil that takes place on the earth each day. All this evil is committed by human beings and not creatures like dogs, cats, birds etc. . . All of creation except for mankind do good things or actions. Only man does evil actions like rape, murder, stealing etc. . . Animals do not kill for no purpose. Animals can not do evil. When we see all the evil that takes place in the world each day by human beings I am sure all other creatures do countless good each day. Think of all the good done by the sun and the moon. Think of all the good cats and dogs do each day. Think of the good butterflies do each day. Think of all the good birds do each day. All of creation does willingly the will of the Lord Jesus. Dogs do not disobey God. Squirrels do not rebel against God. All of creation praises God and does good. Only man disobeys God and brings death and sorrow on the earth. In the end I am sure more good is done on the earth each day than the evil done by men and women. We do not see I think the goodness made visible in wind blowing through a field of flowers for example. Or the goodness of God seen in ocean waves or rain showers. We tend to focus on the evil done by men and not on all the goodness done by God's created order. Well just a thought.
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