June 6th, 2014

less securely programmed for automatic cultural action

It is 11:48 AM late Friday morning in the flow of Time. Time started flowing six thousand years ago. One day Time will become Now forever.

It is a sunny chilly day here in West Michigan. I wonder when we will have a string of hot days.

I have had thus far a normal day. I got up around 6:55 AM this morning. When I got up I did not make coffee because there was coffee from last night that needed to be drunk before making a fresh pot. So I had a glass of orange juice and messed with our main computer. Carol got up because she had an appointment to have the oil changed in her car at 7:30 AM. After she dropped off her car she walked home with our dog Rudy. When she got home we went grocery shopping. So has gone the day thus far.

I have not woke up yet. I have no plans for the day. When Carol gets back from her errands she plans to have lunch and then she wants us to do yard work. Sounds like an exciting day ahead of us.

Last night I mainly wandered the house and read "Borrowed Finery" A Memoir by Paula Fox. I went to bed around `10:45 PM last night. I do not know what time my wife came to bed last night. Now the sun is shining and existence is decaying.

Well since right now I feel lifeless I will close to wait it out. There is no way out.
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the Qing imperial collection

It is 2:45 PM Friday afternoon here in West Michigan. I have had a normal day thus far. I have not heard any gun fire or explosions, so all must be well.

This afternoon I caught another chipmunk in our chipmunk trap. I drove out once again to VanRaalte Farm county park to set the chipmunk free. We have caught seven chipmunks thus far in our chipmunk trap. I believe we have at least four more chipmunks to trap before they are all gone. For years we had no chipmunks and then they started appearing the last couple of years. We think the bird feeder remains on the ground caused the chipmunks to settle down around our house. The chipmunks were living off sunflower seeds remains from our birdfeeder.

After I set the chipmunk free I started driving home and before coming home I stopped by a near by thrift store to look at their used books. I found these used books to ADD to our library.

"A History Of The World In 10 1/2 Chapters" a novel by Julian Barnes

"My Antonia" a novel by Willa Cather

"The Rainbow" a novel by D. H. Lawrence

"Tomato Red" a novel by Daniel Woodrell

"The Siberians" travel adventure by Farley Mowat

"Ironweed" a novel by William Kenney

"I Am Charlotte Simmons" a novel by Tom Wolfe

"Seven Continents & Forty Years" A Concentration of Memoirs by C. L. Sulzberger

C. L. Sulzberger

"Freer: A Legacy of Art" by Thomas Lawton & Linda Merrill

Charles Lang Freer

Not much else to report right now. I will close to drift. Another day is coming to a close for me. We are here today and gone tomorrow.
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