May 31st, 2014

he is a phenomenon that was not foreshadowed

It is 8:19 AM Saturday morning and the sun is shining. It is the last day of May 2014. The passing of Time is to me mystical. I am always watching Time tick away. All around me in this house are clocks. When I am writing either in my blogs or my paper diary I always record the Time. Sometimes I just sit and watch the minutes tick away. When I am dying physically time will be ticking away. I suppose when I am in the presence of God time will cease to be. I will be 62 years old this coming August. I find growing old mysterious. There is nothing you can do to stop growing old. You can take care of yourself but eating right and exercising which I fail to do because I am out of it. Every day I tell myself today is the day I eat a salad and go for a long walk.

This morning I got up around 7 o'clock AM. When I get up in the morning I first let Rudy out of his dog crate and then I wash my face. I apply a wet wash clothe to my face in order to wake myself up. While in the bathroom I comb my thin hair. The other day I got a haircut and my beard trimmed. I am going bald. I am thankful I can grow facial hair. I have had a beard since my early twenties. When I was younger I did shave off my beard and then grow it back. I stopped shaving off my beard many years ago because I have a fat face. I have a double shin. Also I do not like to shave. I really do not like getting my hair cut, but now my hair is thin it looks better cut. Plus short hair is in these days. The barber told me that my hair is long. Anyway my wife liked my haircut and my beard trim. In the early years of our marriage Carol did not cut her hair. Now my wife's hair is short, but cute.

After washing my face and combing my hair I walk to our kitchen and make a pot of coffee. After making coffee I walked over to our main computer located in our living room. We have been living in this house going on 24 years. We bought this house many years ago. We raised our kids in this house. When we moved here back to Holland from Houston Texas our kids were children. I think our daughter Beth was 6, Josiah was 8 or 9 years old and Caleb Jon was 10 years old. Next month our daughter Beth who just had a baby will be 30 years old. Josiah will be 32 years old in August. Caleb Jon is I think 33 years old now. Caleb and Emily are expecting their first child in September.

This morning I volunteer at the Herrick Public Library used bookstore from 10 AM till 1 PM. I volunteer at the library used bookstore every Saturday. Next month we have the annual Friends of the Library used book sale and I usually help setting up for this used book sale. Carol and I are always going to used book sales throughout the year. We collect books. Well I am more into books than my wife.

Last night I mainly read, "Updike" a biography and "The Same Door" short stories by John Updike. Now it is another day. Well, I will close to go write in my paper diary. Carol won't be home right away from work this morning, because she is meeting with friends for breakfast.

Existence keeps speeding by! Soon Time will be no more! Are you ready to meet your Maker and Judge?

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a trapped chipmunk

When I got home from the library book nook this afternoon I once again set the chipmunk trap. I immediately caught another chipmunk and after lunch I drove to VanRaalte Farm county park and let him lose in the same place I left out the other four chipmunks. I figure we have at least five more chipmunks to trap before we are free of these creatures.

I had a quiet time at the library used bookstore today. I mainly read the book "The Denial of Death" by Becker. Towards the end of my shift at the book nook I got to talking to a fellow name Joe who was a traveling Christian evangelist. Joe had his little girl with him who was a hand full! It was hard having a conversation with Joe because his little girl was so disruptive. I found Joe to be an interesting Christian fellow. He was a very intense talker so I did not say much. I usually tell people the same sad story of how I never was ordained into the Gospel ministry by conservative Presbyterians. Joe told me he had ordained himself into the Christian ministry. Well maybe someday I will run into Joe and his family again. I told Joe to read my blog "crookedfingers".

I would write more but I am hot and extremely tired. I did find these used books today to ADD to our library. (It is 84 degrees today here in West Michigan.)

"Five Points: The 19th-Century New York City Neighborhood That Invented Tap Dance, Stole Elections, And Became The World's Most Notorious Slum" by Tyler Anbinder

"Borrowed Finery" A Memoir by Paula Fox

"Cambridge" a novel by Caryl Phillips

"Paris, France" A Knopf Guide

trapped chipmunk
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the basic problems of an organismic life

It is 9:03 PM Saturday night. Another day has gone by. I put away my May 2014 diary down in the lower level. Tomorrow I will start my June 2014 diary. I always take pictures of my June 2014 calendar and post them in my blogs and LiveJournal journal communities Embodiment and Paperexpression. I take photos of my diary out of habit. I tell myself it is all harmless. I am not hurting anyone by posting photos of my diary. I am not forcing anyone to look at my diary photos. I am always seeking to be polite and not weird.

So this day has gone by. This afternoon I read my books on the Acts of the Apostle. I watered my wild flowers and lawn. We have a nice backyard and a nice front yard. We live in a nice quiet neighborhood. We live in a middle-class neighborhood. There are on our street five single women, a retired nurse, a school teacher, a nurse that works in an office, another school teacher and a retired lady. Most families on our block have grown children. Oh, there is one single fellow who is a Youth Minister a couple houses down from us. Most of the people on our street have children who have grown up and have gotten married. On the corner east of us is a doctor with a family. I saw this doctor this afternoon mowing his lawn. He was wearing a very large floppy straw hat as he mowed. The doctor and his wife have a big vegetable garden and they also raise chickens. In the morning I can hear their chickens clucking away. On Sundays I always see this young doctor with his wife and four kids walking to church. Down the street from us is a large Vineyard Ministry Church.

Tonight since there is nothing on television worth watching so I have been reading, "Making Things Better" a novel by Anita Brookner.

My wife got up this evening around 6:15 PM to get ready for work. She left for work at 7:55 PM. My wife is a Rapid Response nurse at a nearby hospital. I think she is off tomorrow night.

I thought about writing about some other things, but now all that seems old hat. I suppose I will close to read and wander the house. Existence keeps speeding by.
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