April 22nd, 2014

Zeeland Public Library used booksale

It is 3:35 PM Tuesday afternoon. It is a cloudy sunny chilly day here in West Michigan.

I am feeling tired this afternoon. I have had another hectic day. I got up around 7 o'clock AM this morning. I drank coffee Carol made last night for her Elders (House Visitation). I messed with our main computer after getting myself a cup of old coffee (fresh hot coffee is a blessing in the mornings).

Carol got up and made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast (I like a lot of brown sugar in my oatmeal). After breakfast we left for a used book sale at the Zeeland Public Library. I was in line for this used book sale around 9:20 AM. There was a small group of us waiting to get into the used book sale. We went to this used book sale last year. We found these used books at this used book sale to ADD to our library.

"The Provincial Lady in London" a novel by E. M. Delafield

"Diary of a Provincial Lady" novel by E. M. Delafield

"The Provincial Lady in America" novel by E. M. Delafield

"The Provincial Lady in Russia" novel by E. M. Delafield

"The Children" novel by Edith Wharton

"The Reef" a novel by Edith Wharton

"Twilight Sleep" novel by Edith Wharton

"Of Love and Other Demons" novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Collected Stories" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"The Eleventh Man" a novel by Ivan Doig

"The Selected Letters of Anton Chekhov"

"Pigeon English" novel by Stephen Kelman

"Prague Pictures: Portrait of a City" by John Banville

"Against The Day" a novel by Thomas Pynchon

"Gravity's Rainbow" a novel by Thomas Pynchon

"Bluebeard" novel by Kurt Vonnegut

"Galapagos" a novel by Kurt Vonnegut

"Bagombo Snuff Box" Uncollected Short Fiction with an Introduction by Kurt Vonnegut

"A Solder Of The Great War" a novel by Mark Helprin

"Moby-Dick or The Whale" novel by Herman Melville

"Buddenbrooks" a novel by Thomas Mann

We got home from the Zeeland Public Library used book sale around 10:20 AM. Carol left to have brunch with friends and I left around 10:50 AM to cover for someone at the Herrick Public Library used bookstore from 11 AM till 2 PM. I had a quiet time at the book nook selling used materials and reading one of the used books I bought this morning titled, "The Provincial Lady in London" a novel by E. M. Delafield. I brought home from the book nook two used books to add to our library.

"Falling Off the Map: Some Lonely Places of the World" travel memoir by Pico Iyer

"Don Fernado Or Variations On Some Spanish Themes" by W. Somerset Maugham

Well more could be written but I am wasted so I will close to carry my new used books down into the lower level. Throw them onto the heap.

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