April 15th, 2014

the still mind of the inner eye

It is 8:10 AM Tuesday morning. It is 26 degrees this morning and there is a layer of snow on the ground.

I got up around 7:15 AM this morning. When I got up I made a pot of coffee and then I messed with our main computer. Next I wrote in my paper diary and now I am writing in my blogs. I had all kinds of things I wanted to write about but now it all seems pointless.

Last night I watched television and went to bed around 11:30 PM. Now it is another day. I am waiting for my wife to call me and tell me she is ready to come home from work. It is snowing outside as I write these words.

I have nothing important to do today. Yesterday I basically read and wandered the house.

Well I will close to read my books on The Acts of the Apostles (NT).

"Acts" [Baker Exegetical Commentary On The New Testament] by Darrell L. Bock

"A Theology Of Luke Acts: God's Promised Program, Realized for All Nations" by Darrell L. Bock

Well I will close to drift. Watch snow flakes fall to the cold ground.
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he who has repented travels toward the Lord

It is now in the flow of time 10:06 AM Tuesday morning. I am down in the lower level of our home sitting in front of my lap top computer writing in my LJ blog. I do not feel like reading my New Testament commentaries on the The Acts of the Apostles. I do not feel like reading anything this morning. Maybe I am sick of doing the same things over and over. No I am just feeling or reacting like a man who has lived 61 years. In four months I will be 62 years old. I plan to apply for Social Security when I turn 62 years old. It always amazes me to realize how long I have lived!

Last night I found out from Facebook my brother Mike (Michael Williamson) was a finalist for a Pulitzer prize this year. My brother Mike is a photo journalist for the Washington Post. Mike and I are not close. Mike and I live in different worlds.

Carol has gone to bed to sleep for awhile. She is off from work the next couple of nights. Next month (May 19th) Carol and I will celebrate 35 years of being married. This week our granddaughter Louisa Mae will be a month old.

Well this is going nowhere. I could go someplace this morning. I could go for a walk, but there is snow on the ground. I suppose I will close to drift.

Yesterday I mainly read all day "The Master" by Colm Toibin. After reading this novel based on the life of the American writer Henry James I realized Toibin was writing his novel from a homosexual perspective. The novel "The Master" is basically a homosexual novel. I am kind of disturbed by Colm Toibin presenting Henry James as a closet homosexual. I have been reading about Henry James going on 40 years and never have come across anything suggesting he was a homosexual. When I typed in a search engine Henry James homosexual I also found listed Mark Twain homosexual, Nathaniel Hawthorne homosexual and Herman Melville homosexual. It is absolutely insane to think these great American writers were all homosexuals! It seems to me today there is this belief held by homosexuals that to love a woman and to get married and have a family is not normal. We live in decadent times!

Look at this book sometime on the sex life of Henry James, "A Private Life Of Henry James: Two Women and His Art" by Lyndall Gordon.
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