March 24th, 2014

the realization that all we find in ourselves is excrement

It is 9:01 AM Monday morning in the flow of life. Outside is gray and cold. It is 20 degrees outside this morning. We do not know if we will experience warm weather this year here in West Michigan. We have entered another Ice Age it looks like. Warm weather is something of the Past.

I got up this morning around 7:30 AM. I got up made coffee and ate breakfast. Next I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary. After writing in my diary I fed the birds and then I decided to write in my blogs.

I have no plans for the day. I might go visit thrift stores today in search of used books.

Last night I read my books and watched television. I went to bed around 11:45 PM and read till I got sleepy "The Lure Of The Sea: The Discovery of the Seaside 1750-1840" by Alain Corbin. Now it is another day.

Carol called last night. Carol basically watches baby Mae at night while Beth and Andy sleep. Carol is enjoying the 80 degree weather there in Arizona. There are birds to watch in Beth and Andy's backyard. There is a used bookstore there in Phoenix that we have visited in the Past. This used bookstore in not far from where Beth and Andy live. Carol asked me if I wanted her to look for anything/used books at this used bookstore. I made a list to read to her on the phone this morning. Basically I want the fellowing.

any books by James Salter

"Masscult & Midcult" by Dwight Macdonald

any books by Richard Davenport-Hines

"Discovering Modernism" by Louis Menand

Nicholas Mosley's biography of his father

Well I suppose I will close to drift. Existence keeps speeding by on broken wings.

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a community brought into existence by the shared experience of the Spirit

It is 3:47 PM Monday late afternoon. I have had a super quiet day. I did not go anywhere or do anything special. I mainly watched birds, wrote in my paper diary and read a volume titled, "Beginning From Jerusalem" by James D. G. Dunn Volume 2 Christianity In The Making. I have been reading the chapter on the Acts (New Testament) in this book.

My wife called from the state of Arizona around 11 o'clock AM this morning. We talked for about twenty minutes on the phone.

So the day has gone by. I have no plans for the evening hours tonight. Existence keeps slowly decaying. Tomorrow is a Tuesday. I plan to do what I did today tomorrow. The world is a vast wilderness to me. It amazes me continually that people continue to live in this ugly sickening shallow American society. I can understand why people are constantly killing themselves when I look around me. America is going to hell.
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