March 22nd, 2014

the historically revealed, incarnate Christ is absolutely necessary for salvation

It is 1:58 PM Saturday afternoon. It is a cold snowy gray day here in West Michigan. I see no evidence of Spring around these parts.

I volunteered at the Herrick Public Library used bookstore today from 10 AM till 1 PM. When I got home I ate lunch and then wrote in my paper diary. At the book nook when not helping people with their used books I read, "Acts: An Exegetical Commentary" by Craig Keener. While at the book nook my wife called me from Arizona. She said she was up most of the night with baby Mae. Also while at the book nook my friend Tim stopped by. Tim told me he did not return my phone call yesterday because he was sick. Tim and I made plans to get together next Thursday for breakfast.

I brought home from the book nook these three used books to ADD to our library.

"The Reindeer People: Living With Animals And Spirits In Siberia" by Piers Vitebsky

"Bandit: Dossier Of A Dangerous Dog" by Vicki Hearne

"Tales of the Unexpected" by Roald Dahl

Last night I listened to music and read. I was up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. I read this morning some more of Craig Keener's New Testament commentary, "Acts: An Exegetical Commentary: Introduction And 1:1-2:47" Volume 1.

I do not know what I will do the rest of the day to keep myself awake. I am tired, but not in the mood to take a nap. It is too cold to go outside and go someplace. Well, I will close to wait out the day.
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