February 22nd, 2014

we destroyed the country in order to save it

It is 2:46 PM Saturday afternoon. It is not snowing here, but it is cold. It is suppose to be bitter cold to the end of the month. The weather folks are saying March is going to be a continuation of the weather we have had all Winter. Maybe we will have a very hot dry Summer. Spring around here is here and gone before you can blink an eye.

This morning when I got up we went grocery shopping. When we got back from grocery shopping I left to volunteer at the Herrick Public Library used bookstore from 10 AM till 1 PM. When I got home from the library book nook I ate food and wrote in my paper diary. So has gone by this day.

I have no plans for the rest of this day. I have been reading since coming home a book titled, "From Creation to New Creation: Biblical Theology and Exegesis" Essays In Honor Of G. K. Beale.

I brought home from the book nook one used book to add to our library titled, "Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present" by Michael B. Oren.

Last night I barely remember. I remember watching television with my wife and going to bed early.

So has gone my life. Not much else to write about. Well I suppose I will close to drift through the rest of the day. Tomorrow is the last Sunday of February 2014.
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February 2014 Winter

I took these pictures yesterday afternoon. We have had a harsh winter this year. It is hard to imagine that in the near future all this snow would have melted. Around here the weather folks are predicting massive flooding this Spring. I keep checking our open basement to see if there is any sign of water seeping through the basement walls. We live on top of an ancient river so I have this theory that all the water on top of our lawn seeps down into this ancient underground river. We also live on top of a slight incline. When we drive into town we go down a low hilly street.

our house

sidewalk in front of our house

our street

across the street from our front yard
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a powerful attraction to God

It is now in the flow 5:18 PM Saturday evening. I am down in the lower level of our house. I came down here to eat a hot dog without Rudy asking for a bite. I have been reading this evening once again "The Spiritual Espousals" by John Ruusbroec. I found this interesting when reading Ruusbroec.

"Here the heart opens wide in joy and desire, all the veins dilate, and the powers of the soul stand ready in their desire to fulfill what is called for by God and by the invitation to unity with him. This invitation consists in the shining of Christ, the eternal sun, upon the heart. This causes so much pleasure and joy within the heart and makes the heart open so wide that it can scarcely be closed again.

A person is thereby wounded in his heart from within and feels the wound of love. Being wounded by love is both the sweetest feeling and the sharpest pain that anyone can experience and is a sure sign that he will be healed. This spiritual wound causes pleasure and pain at one and the same time. Christ, the true sun, again casts his light and rays upon the wounded, open heart and invites it once more to unity. This renews the wound and all its pangs.

This interior call and invitation, together with the face that the creature lifts himself up in readiness to offer himself and all that he can do and nevertheless finds himself unable to reach or obtain this unity, causes a spiritual pain. In other words, when the inmost depths of the heart and the very source of life have been wounded by love and when a persons finds himself unable to obtain what he most desires but must ever remain where he does not wish to be, then from this twofold source arises the pain. Here Christ is raised above the topmost part of the mind and casts his divine rays upon the avid desires of the longing heart. This burning radiance dries up and consumes all the moisture, that is, all the powers and forces of human nature. An open and longing heart and the influx of divine rays give rise to an enduring pain." pg. 85,86 John Ruusbroec
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