February 15th, 2014

the all-sufficiency of God

"Second, a person's objectives are changed. Prior to conversion and to beholding the all-sufficiency of God, a man finds his delight in people, their wisdom, or their beauty. However, when the all-sufficiency of God becomes clear, he finds all of this in Him in a far more excellent and glorious manner. I can mention this to you, but I can neither teach nor cause you to comprehend these matters inwardly unless they are brought home to your heart by divine illumination.

Without such illumination, you could compare man to a cook who is familiar with all the ingredients of the dishes he prepares, but who does not benefit from the nourishment of these dishes until he digests them by means of his stomach and other digestive processes. Such is the case here: a person cannot comprehend the aforementioned propositions and embrace them for salvation as long as he neither perceives nor appropriates by faith God's all-sufficiency and glory by divine illumination." pg. 101 Jodocus van Lodenstein "A Spiritual Appeal To Christ's Bride"

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our vast national debt

It is 1:39 PM Saturday afternoon in the flow of existence. This afternoon the sun is shining but it is cold. I just got home a few minutes ago from the Herrick Library used bookstore. I volunteer at the library used bookstore on Saturdays for a couple of hours. The book nook was not super busy this morning. I read when not wandering the store or helping people "Pages From A Cold Island" a memoir by Frederick Exley. I brought home from the book nook these used books to ADD to our library-

"Dreaming War: Blood For Oil And The Cheney-Bush Junta" essays by Gore Vidal

"The Tortilla Curtain" a novel by T. C. Boyle (a Penguin Ink Edition)

"The Face Thief" a novel by Eli Gottlieb

"Digging to America" a novel by Anne Tyler

When I got home I found nothing life affirming in our mail box. Well not much else to report.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I got up and did the usual things I do in the morning.

I picked up Carol around 8:55 AM at the hospital. She works tonight and then is off for a couple of nights.

Last night I wandered the house and read my books. I went to bed around 11:30 PM. Now it is another day in my so called life.

Well I will close to feel at a lost. Existence keeps speeding by!

Merry Christmas
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