February 9th, 2014

it is being wounded by a strong divine love

It is 10:02 AM Sunday morning in the flow of ice. My wife just left for church. I told her to drive safe. One can drive safe and be killed by someone not driving safe. One takes their chances every time one gets into the driving seat. I personally do not drive during bad winter weather. One take chances of getting killed off by some mad person driving in a snow storm and not driving sanely. We are surrounded by insane people. The world is a Nut House.

So here I sit thinking of going back to bed now that my wife has left for church. I need to keep going in spite of feeling wasted. I have not been sleeping soundly these days. I got up this morning around 7:15 AM. When I got up I found my wife awake in the living room watching TV.

I have done the usual things this morning like eat food, write in my personal diary, fed the birds and read my books.

Last night we watched television and when I went to bed I read "Country Girl" A Memoir by Edna O'Brien.

I have no plans for the day ahead of me. I have been reading 'The Dark Night' by St. John of the Cross this morning. Well I will close since I am falling asleep.
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every mercy is a suitor to us from God

"Earthly mercies point to heaven, and tell us whence they come, and for what. Like the flowers of spring, they tell us of the reviving approaches of the sun: but like foolish children, because they are near us, we love the flowers better than the sun; forgetting that the winter is drawing on. But spiritual mercies are as the sunshine that more immediately dependeth on and floweth from the sun itself. And he that will not see (and value) the sun by its light, will never see it! These beams come down to invite our minds and hearts to God; and if we shut the window, or play till night, and they return without us, we shall be left to utter darkness.

The mercies of God must imprint upon our minds the fullest and deepest conceptions of him, as the most perfect, suitable, lively object to the soul of man; when all our good is originally in him, and all flows from him, that hath the goodness of a means, and finally himself is all: not to love God then, is not to love goodness itself; and there is nothing but good that is suited to our love. Night and day therefore should the believer be drawing and deriving from God, by views and tastes of his precious mercies, a sweetness of nature, and increase of holy love to God, as the bee sucks honey from the flowers. We should not now and then for a recreation light upon a flower, and meditate on some mercy of the Lord, but make this our work from day to day, and keep continually upon our souls the lively tastes and deep impressions of the infinite goodness and amiableness of God. When we love God most, we are at the best most pleasing to God; and our lives are sweetest to ourselves: and when we steep our minds in the believing thoughts of the abundant fatherly mercies of the Lord, we shall must abundantly love him. Every mercy is a suitor to us from God! . . . " Richard Baxter pg. 803 'The Divine Life' "Baxter's Practical Works" Volume 3
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God never bestows mystical wisdom without love

It is 4:19 PM Sunday evening in the flow of ice. I am down in the lower level reading Richard Baxter (1615-1651), his treatise THE DIVINE LIFE Part. I CHAP. XV OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. This treatise by Baxter is found in volume 3 of "Baxter's Practical Works" published by Soli Deo Gloria Publications 1990. Before reading Baxter I was sleeping, I took a nap from 1:50 PM till 3:55 PM down here in the lower level among my books. Carol is also sleeping since she works the next couple of nights. Carol wanted to stay up this afternoon so as to attend a showing at a funeral home for one of her aunts, but she had to go to bed and sleep. My wife is a night nurse and needs to sleep during the day so as to stay up all night. I told my wife "You can't do everything!" Some people do not realize my wife is a night nurse and needs to sleep during the night in order to do her very intense highly skilled job. Nurses deal with life and death all the time.

I spent most of this day reading 'The Dark Night' by St. John of the Cross. I live the life of a contemplative middle class American consumer Christian in a typical working class neighborhood.

Well there is not much else to report. I should go upstairs and put away my paper diary and go into the evening hours. It is a new week and we are coming to closer and closer to the End.
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