January 26th, 2014

the poet prays to the Fates, to Mother Earth, to Apollo and to the Moon

It is 11:01 AM late Sunday morning. It is 9 degrees and snowing outside. Ugly winter weather. We are entering an Ice Age. The world is finally coming to an end. The Lord is coming back. Get ready for the Day of Judgment. There are no more excuses.

I just got up from a two hour fitful nap. This morning I got up super early 5:15 AM. After I picked up Carol around 8:55 AM when we got home I went back to bed down in the lower level.

Carol went to bed as I was sleeping. She is off the next two nights. Our lives are zooming by! It will soon be over.

When I got up this morning I made a pot of coffee and messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and then sat waiting for Carol's phone call.

Last night there was nothing on TV worth watching so I messed with our main computer and went to bed early. Now it is another day. It is the final week of January 2014.

I am still feeling sick inside. I wonder when this sickness will pass. I must be patient. Maybe I have the winter blues.

Well I will close to write in my paper diary and watch the birds. There is no way of escape.

Try to read some more of the memoir "U and I: A True Story" by Nicholson Baker.
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old journal entry "John Updike, a Lyrical Writer of the Middle Class Man, Dies at 76" 1/30/2009

John Updike, a Lyrical Writer of the Middle Class Man, Dies at 76


It is 9:13 AM Friday morning. I have been meaning to mention that the other day I read that John Updike had died of cancer at 76 years old. I felt sorrow when I read that Updike had died. I have always admired Updike as a writer. I am not saying I am a fine judge of what is great literature, but I have always admired Updike's command of the English language. I would have given anything to have the ability to write prose like Updike.

I was trying to remember when I first read Updike? I have read these books by Updike over the years---

"Rabbit Run" a novel

"The Centaur" a novel

"Couples" a novel

"Rabbit Dedux" a novel

"Rabbit Is Rich" a novel

"Rabbit At Rest" a novel

"Odd Jobs: Essays And Criticism"

"Hugging The Shore: Essays and Criticism"

"Of The Farm" a novel

I might have read other books, short stories and criticism by Updike, but right now I can not recall.

I have in my book collection these books by John Updike---

"Odd Jobs: Essays And Criticism"

"Hugging The Shore: Essays and Criticism"

"Rabbit, Run" a novel (paperback 1969)

"Rabbit Redux" a novel (paperback 1972)

"The Poorhouse Fair & Rabbit, Run" novels (hardback 1965)

"Rabbit, Run" a novel (hardback 1979)

"Rabbit Is Rich" a novel (hardback 1981)

"Rabbit At Rest" a novel (hardback 1990)

"The Witches Of Eastwick" a novel (hardback 1984)

"Brazil" a novel (hardback 1984)

"Roger's Version" a novel (paperback 1986)

"S." a novel (paperback 1988)

"Memories of the Ford Administration" a novel (paperback 1996)

"Of The Farm" a novel (paperback 1965)

"The Centaur" a novel (paperback 1964)

"Trust Me" short stories (hardback 1987)

"The Music School" short stories (hardback 1986)

"The Afterlife" short stories (paperback 1994)

"Problems and other stories" (hardback 1979)

"Licks Of Love: Short Stories and a Sequel, "Rabbit Remembered" (hardback 2000)

Over the years I seem to have lost my copy of Updike's novel "Couples". Maybe to remember his life and death I should buy or look for a used copy of "Couples" for my John Updike book collection.

10:00 a.m. - 2009-01-30

January 26,2014
I have now in my library these other books by John Updike-

"The Widows Of Eastwick" a novel (hardback)

"Terrorist" a novel (paperback)

"Villages" a novel (hardback)

"Bech At Bay" novel (hardback)

"Couples" a novel (hardback)

"Toward The End Of Time" a novel (hardback)

"The Coup" a novel (hardback)

"Self-Consciousness" memoirs (paperback)

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