January 15th, 2014

no more wild flights of fancy

It is 10:48 AM Wednesday morning in the flow. I got up this morning around 7:10 AM. I have had thus far a normal day. It has been snowing this morning.

I really have nothing new to write. I got up this morning made a pot of coffee and messed with our main computer. In the mornings when I am on the computer I read blogs, News and music reviews.

I wrote in my paper diary this morning. I picked up my wife at the hospital around 9:10 AM (my wife is a night nurse). I have been wandering the house all morning. I am in one of those moods where I can not get into anything. I am brain dead. I am thinking things over.

Last night I watched television and went to bed around 11:10 PM. I mainly read yesterday "The Long Voyage: Selected Letters of Malcolm Cowley, 1915-1987". I have this book next to me right now.

Carol has gone to bed for the day. I plan to sit in silence all day. I will watch the birds and the wheels spin inside my head. I might try to read some of N. T. Wright's new work, "Paul and the Faithfulness of God" Two Volumes. I need to keep my mind in the Bible. I do not know what I will get into today. I am still reflecting on what I have read recently on the Epistle to the Galatians and Pauline Theology. I need to pray.

I will close to drift through the day.
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God's simplicity must draw the soul to a holy simplicity

"3. God's simplicity must draw the soul to a holy simplicity, that it may be like to God. We that serve a pure, simple God, must do it with simple, pure affections, and not with hypocrisy, or a double heart. His interest in us should be maintained with a holy jealousy, that no other interest mix itself therewith. The soul should attain to a holy simplicity in closing with the simple, infinite God, and suffering nothing to be a sharer with him in our superlative affections. All creatures must keep their places in our hearts, and that is only in a due subordination and subserviency to the Lord: but nothing should take up the least of that estimation, those affections, or endeavours, that are his own peculiar. God will not accept of half a heart: a double-minded, double-hearted, double-faced, or double-tongued person, is contrary to the holy simplicity of a saint.

As we would not bow the knee to any gods but one, so neither should we bow the heart or life to them. We should know what is God's prerogative, and that we should keep entirely for him. A subordinate esteem, and love, and desire the creature may have, as it revealeth God to us, or leadeth to him, or helpeth us in his work: but it should not have the least of his part in our esteem, or love, or desire. This the chastity, the purity, the integrity of the soul. It is the mixture, impurity, corruption, and confusion of our souls, when any thing is taken in with God. See therefore, christian, that in thy heart thou have no God but ONE, and that he have all thy heart, and soul, and strength, as far as thou canst attain it. . . Richard Baxter pg. 778 "The Divine Life" "Baxter's Practical Works" Volume 3
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