January 8th, 2014

life is a scream

It is 9:04 AM Wednesday morning in the flow of life. It is 7 degrees here and snowing. Because we are so close to Lake Michigan we here in Holland get Lake effect snow. It could be sunny in Grand Rapids and snowing here in good old Holland Michigan. Weird weather patterns is another sign we are coming to the end of the world.

I got up this morning around 7:10 AM. This morning was one of the rare times where I felt like just staying in bed. Why get out of bed since nothing is going to happen. But I got out of bed because I had to pee and pick up Carol when she got out of work. Plus I hate laying in bed watching wheels spin inside my head.

So I got out of bed like a good boy and made a pot of coffee. After making coffee I messed with our main computer. Around 8:15 AM Carol called for me to come and get her. When we got home I fed the birds and wrote in my paper diary. So goes existence, life is a scream!

Last night I watched television and went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. Now it is another day.

I got out these two books to look at this morning as the snow falls to the ground-

"The Holy Spirit in Puritan Faith and Example" by Geoffrey F. Nuttall

"Baxter's Practical Works" by Richard Baxter Volume 3 The Saint's Everlasting Rest

Well I suppose I will close to drift. I need to go to the bank and get some money this morning. I plan to visit two near by thrift stores this morning to look at their used books. The Lord is good.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason why people hate me is because I am not worldly.
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our provision in the way to this eternity

The day goes by normal thus far. I have not fallen asleep yet. I usually get very sleepy from Noontime till 4 o'clock PM. I could easily take a nap right now, but I will try to keep going.

I have been reading this afternoon "The Divine Life" a treatise by Richard Baxter (1615-1691). I do not know if Baxter would label himself a Puritan? Baxter usually said he was a Christian and not some member of a religious party. I also call myself a Christian and really do not fit any religious evangelical group. I am an odd ball spiritually speaking. I know we are in the Last Days and I see all around me the Great Apostasy prophesied in the New Testament. It is time to separate oneself from the False Church.

Anyone I thought since I am awake to quote Richard Baxter from his treatise "The Divine Life"-

"7. Yea, the whole creation that is within the sight of man, is destroyed opinionately by the infidels that looks for no immortal life: for all things were made to further our salvation: the "heavens to declare the glory of God, and the firmament to show his handy work;" and all creatures to be our glass in which we must behold the Lord, and our book in which we must read and learn his nature and his will. The sun is to light us, and maintain our life, and the life of other lower creatures, while we prepare for immortality; the earth is to bear us, and to bear fruit for us; and the trees and plants, and every creature, to accommodate and serve us, while we serve the Lord and pass on to eternity. And therefore the atheist that denieth us our eternity, denieth the usefulness of the world. What were all the creatures here good for, if there were no men? The earth would be a wilderness, and the beasts would for the most part perish for want of sustenance, and all would be like a forsaken cottage that no man dwelleth in,and doth no good; and if man be not the heir of immortality, they can do no good. All creatures are but our provision in the way to this eternity, and therefore if there were no eternity, what should we do with them? What should we do with ways, and pavements, or with inns for travelers, or with horses or other provisions for our journey, if there were no traveling that way? And who will travel to a place that is not, or a city that is no where but in his brains, besides a mad-man? It is evident therefore, that as all the tools in a workman's shop are made useless to him if he be forbidden to use his trade, and all the books in my library are useless if I may not read them to get knowledge; so all creatures under heaven are made useless and destroyed doctrinally by the atheist, that thinks there is no eternal life for which they should be used.

I must seriously profess, I believe this, (being in other things of the mind I am,) I knew not what to do with any thing. What should I do with my money, of there be no treasure to be laid up in heaven, nor friends to be made with the mammon abused commonly to unrighteousness? What should I do with my tongue, my hands, my time, my life, myself, or any thing, if there were no eternity? I think I should dig my grave, and lay me down in it and die, and perish, to escape the sorrows of a longer life that I must be my companions." Richard Baxter pg. 774 "Baxter's Practical Works" Volume 3
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