June 27th, 2011

time to say good-bye and farewell

It is 10 o'clock AM Monday morning in the flow of life. Right now outside it is raining. I can hear the rain fall outside my study window. I moved my lap top from out of the basement up to my main level study. When our son Josiah is home visiting I moved my lap top into my study so I can write without disturbing him.

Last night we sat around the living room talking till late. I went to bed around 11 o'clock PM because I could not keep my eyes open. There was no music last night.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM and made a pot of coffee. I ate a left over pigs-in-a-blanket for breakfast. Carol got up around 7 o'clock AM this morning.

I went back to bed around 8 o'clock AM and got back up around 9:10 AM to face existence. There is no way of escape.

Carol and I will take my sister Danielle to the airport in Grand Rapids around 10:30 AM. Danielle will be back to her place by 9:30 PM tonight.

Well I am really too wasted to write anything more so I will close to wait to leave.

a picture of Danielle and me taken at Saugatuck Dunes State Park
Danielle and me
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a raw display of private life

It is 10:18 PM Monday night in the flow. I am in my study writing on my lap top listening to the band Luna.

This morning Josiah and I drove my little sister Danielle to the airport in Grand Rapids and dropped her off. I am sure she is now home back in Grass Valley California. I will call her tomorrow and find out how her plane trip was. We thought she would call us tonight, but we have not heard from her yet.

After we dropped off my sister at the Gerald Ford Airport we drove to Schuler Books to check out their used books. (Caleb and Josiah were born in Grand Rapids. Josiah went to college in Grand Rapids. Carol and I met at Reformed Bible College now Kuyper College located in Grand Rapids MI.)

Danielle just called and is talking to Carol on the phone.

At Schuler Books I found used the "Memoirs" by Tennessee Williams. After visiting Schuler Books we went and saw the movie "Tree of Life". Josiah and I both enjoyed the movie "Tree of Life". After watching the movie we drove home. We were home around 4 o'clock PM. We ate food and I wrote in my private diary. I was too tired today to read my books. Maybe tomorrow I will find the energy to read my books. I miss my life of the mind. I never feel good inside living externally. I like to live my life thinking deep thoughts. I find the American life boring.

Existence just keeps flowing. This evening we have been watching episodes of the television show "The Closer" on DVD. Now I am in my study reporting on my average middle class existence. I need to go to bed since I feel wasted. Tomorrow will soon be here. There is no way of escape.

I have these books next to me this evening to read when I can find my brain---

"Sabbath Scripture Readings II: Spiritual Meditations on Genesis 1 Through 2 Kings 11" by Thomas Chalmers

"The Christian Warfare Against the Devil, World and Flesh" by John Downame Introduction by Dr. Joel R. Beeke

"Memoirs" by Tennessee Williams

"The American Senator" a novel by Anthony Trollope

"Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare" by Stephen Greenblatt

"One River: Explorations And Discoveries In The Amazon Rain Forest" by Wade Davis

"Selected Poems" by Robert Lowell

"The Greater Journey: Americans In Paris" by David McCullough

Well I will close. Soon it will be all over.

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